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Iron Will Not Working

I run Iron Will on Jane because she's so loud when injured but the perk isn't working now. She's still moanin and groanin... This is on PS4 by the way.


  • HarryToeknucklesHarryToeknuckles Member Posts: 158

    I just had this problem again, it seems to be random. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Please look into this.

  • SanmerSanmer Member Posts: 13

    I just encountered a similar problem on PC. Was using Jake Park with iron will. Originally it worked fine but towards the end, when someone pulled me off the hook and I got downed within 1 second (killer was near), it stopped working. I was still grunting with pain even with Iron Will. I checked with the killer post-game who confirmed that they heard me grunting.

  • spike9660spike9660 Member Posts: 3

    No mither no longer silences grunts of pain either.

  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 1,050

    Well, this isn't universal. I can at least confirm that on PC it still works both online and in KYF

  • TattieOTattieO Member Posts: 7

    I’m having the same problem on pc, not every game but it’s happened in two games against a spirit, which is the worst killer to have iron will bug out on!

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 2,885


  • NosplashNosplash Member Posts: 77

    third game in a row for me that it does not work either. no stridor. i'm on pc btw

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