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Mint rag + Rusty shackles is not ok

This is just my opinion.

I think this build is insanely unfair for the survivors, because it allows the hag to "camp" at a distance (You have to use this build with make your choice), here's why:

So you down and hook a survivor, place a trap right in front of the hook, go more than 32 m away ,and now these are the possible cases:

-1: the rescuer rushes the hook.

In this case wait and see if he commits the rescue (the trap won't make the phantasm spown) and don't try to grab him, because the grab can always fail, instead make him do the rescue and down them both with make your choice (remember that borrowed time won't trigger). If he doesn't commit the rescue just teleport before the trap disappears, and push that survivor away , but anyway DON'T LET HIM SAVE THE HOOKED SURVIVOR WITH BORROWED. So in this case the survivor has rushed the trap, so I think this can be kinda fair.

-2: the rescuer doesn't rush the hook

I think this is the dirtiest case, because it actually punishes the survivor for doing the right thing and being altruistic when the killer is far away.

So if the rescuer doesn't rush the hook the trap won't trigger...but you can always press LCTRL. So the rescuer commits, you teleport and down them both, maybe before 5 seconds.

I really think this build is unfair, gross, and overpowered. Once you've hooked somebody you can go all over the map, patrol gens without really chasing survivors, and wait until the fish takes the bite. No mindgame skill, you just teleport , even across the map, and slaughter them. The only counter are the flashlights, which rank 1 survivors usually won't bring in the match sacrificing a toolbox or a medkit



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