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Old concept posts to be moved.

PsylentPsylent Member Posts: 38

I have a couple Killer/Survivor concepts that I'd like to move to the Fan Creations sub-forum. They are currently in the Feedback & Suggestions forum. Though one just got tagged for approval when I saved it after editing. I wasn't done with it but there's a nasty storm right now so I wanted to save it before our power went out. 😅

The titles of the two posts I want moved are "Killer & Survivor Concepts (Scrapper & Alice Davis) in Feedback and Suggestions" and "Killer & Survivor Concepts (Witch & Pat Midas)". The 2nd one is the post that needs approval. If there's a way I can move them myself, I couldn't find it. Let me know and I will. Thanks in advance!

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  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Posts: 6,279
    Accepted Answer

    Hi, I've moved the posts for you - verified the 2nd post as well so they should both be visible in Fan Creations now.

    You're not able to move them yourself, so next time if this happens please feel free to contact one of the moderators who will move the post for you - either by tagging their name on the thread in question or a quick post on their wall (probably easier to tag on the post as that way we're directly on the thread).



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