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Silly build - yandere simulator

WeckWeck Member Posts: 2,551

So, this is my first post, I looked but didn't find any specific part of the forum to post killer/survivor builds. So, sorry if this isn't the place for it, I just wanted to share the stupidity.

I created this one build. it's unbelieveable silly. you'll probably depip using it, but it sounded fun in my head.

I call it, Yandere simulator DBD edition.

here's how it goes.

-you pick either Legion or Ghostface (you can technically do this with any killer, but I think these 2 fit best)

-Pick dying light and any other perks you want (if you're playing legion, pick perks that reduce the terror radius, which is probably just monitor and abuse...but just in case I forgot any other)

[the reason for picking dying light is that you like your obsession for how amazing they are at doing things, but you can pick any obsession perk]

-After the game starts, find the obsession and observe her from afar. you are not allowed to go near her yet (you're too shy)

-never attack the obsession(more below)

-If the obsession sees you, look at the floor and turn around. (you don't have the courage to talk to her)

-If other survivor sees you, attack them.(they can't know you like the obsession)

-If any other survivor gets too close to your obsession, they deserve to die, go into frenzy or stalk until 100%, attack and hook them.(you define what "too close" means. XD)

-if you kill every other survivor (or they leave), you have gained enough courage to talk to the obsession.

-if you're legion, get close to her. if she runs, she refused you after all you done for her, she must die. if she doesn't run, it means she accepted you, but you know you must let her go (either let her get the hatch or open the door)

-if you're ghostface, stalk her standing right in front of her - the outcome depends on how you prefer to play it out.

-if she reveals you,

a)she noticed you, that means she loves you and you must let her go, or

b)she doesn't want you to look at her, so no one else will ever look at her again.

-if she doesn't reveal you,

a)she can't see you, even after all you've done...she must be punished, or

b)She accepts you for the stalking person you are, let her go.

I don't expect anyone to ever win with this build, just that they have a good time RPing this stupid thing XD. But let me know if you actually manage to win. :)

also, feedback. any obvious way to improve this?


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