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New survivor perks

Gam1ngga5tlyGam1ngga5tly Member Posts: 129

Me and my friends were thinking about the survivors perks for our fan made banshee character and we have it.

Battle Medic:

You heal dying survivors 10%/15%/20% faster. When the survivor returns to the injured state, all survivors auras are revealed to you and the healed survivor for 6 seconds.

"Come on Soldier. Keep on pushing. Find your team and get home safe." -Jacob Joseph Krie

//May be unlocked in the Bloodweb of Jacob Krie from Level 30+ or in the Shrine of Secrets//


Fearless Soldier:

While in the radius of terror, gain a 4%/5%/6% speed boost to repairing, healing, sabotaging, searching and opening.

"Nothing scares me. I've seen it all... in the heart of war." -Jacob Joseph Krie 

//May be unlocked in the Bloodweb of Jacob Krie from Level 35+ or in the Shrine of Secrets//


Determined Warrior:

You are determined to escape, no matter the situation. While injured, your movement speed is increased by 4%/6%/8%.

"Nothing matters except my return to her. I must move faster." - Jacob Joseph Krie

//May be unlocked in the Bloodweb of Jacob Krie from Level 40+ or in the Shrine of Secrets//


  • TheUnendingNightmareTheUnendingNightmare Member Posts: 1,172

    Not bad but it just sound like botany knowledge + empathy on steroïds.

  • SolarFoxVBSolarFoxVB Member Posts: 90

    These sound pretty good to me, but the movement speed increase for Determined Warrior sounds a little too strong. Maybe 2/3.5/5?

  • 8obot1c8obot1c Member Posts: 1,129

    Determined should also increase speed of repair and opening exit gates maybe the more generators done the faster you do those?

  • PsylentPsylent Member Posts: 38
    edited September 2019

    I agree with SolarFoxVB. Movement speed perks are hard to balance, especially when more might be introduced in ways they can be stacked. Personally I would buff Fearless Soldier to (4/6/8)% increased repairing, healing, cleansing, sabotaging, searching chests, and opening gates while in TR. Resilience is pretty similar. It goes up to 9% but is active when injured.

    You mentioned a Banshee character that you and your friends came up with? Mind linking it? I'm curious to see what you came up with since I also posted a Banshee killer concept.

  • CupidCupid Member Posts: 2

    First one sounds a lot like Botany Knowledge mixed with Empathy but nonetheless I like the perks. I know it's pretty hard to come up with perks. I've spent days trying to think of original perks before, lol.

  • WickedMilk03WickedMilk03 Member Posts: 624

    The speed one is too good because you can just combo dead hard and self care and get yourself at 99%

  • Gam1ngga5tlyGam1ngga5tly Member Posts: 129

    Here are the perks for the banshee


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