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Advise on adept killers

So I’ve been trying to get adept Leatherface and Ghostface, and I’m rank 1, I won’t lie the matchmaking messing up making me verse purple ranks is helping, but I can never get iridescent chaser because survivors can’t last long enough in chase, but I get iridescent in everything else so I get 1 emblem off merciless

Does anyone know the best way I could get chaser to higher, because if I purposely prolong chases, I’ll lose gen pressure, and therefore gens will get popped so I’ll lose iridescent gatekeeper


  • ColonGlockColonGlock Member Posts: 434

    I have adept on all killers, but the Plague and Ghostface were the only ones I had to do with the new "merciless killer" requirement. It is much harder now as you just needed a 4k before.

    You just have to keep trying and eventually you will encounter a group of survivors you have a great deal of interaction with during the match, while killing them all in the end. It took me about 30 matches to get it with Plague, but only 3 with Ghostface, so I would say some adepts will be harder than others depending on the killer's base perks and powers.

    My rule is I do not allow myself to use any other perks on new killers until I get their adept achievement completed. You will get it eventually, but going for it at rank reset may be easier.

  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 3,145

    Wait for reset.

    That's all you can do.

  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,919
    edited September 2019

    Wait for rank reset every 13th of a month. Wait an additional week or two so that all the former rank 1s get back down to Rank 1. Play.

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    That's not how the Chaser Emblem works. The shorter the chase, the more points you get as a killer. A lot of short chases is what you want.

    Also, you only get points when you hit/down with your base attack. If you use the chainsaw a lot, that really hurts your Emblem.

    Also, you get points per hit on the survivor. (So for example, if Myers insta-downs a lot of people with tier 3 instead of hitting them 2x with tier 2, that's also less points, provided the chase doesn't take too long.)

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    The Adept Achievements are just bs. Adept 'ANY_SURVIVOR' is still escaping and no 2pip. Let killers do a 4k and it's fine.

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 4,163

    Unless they change it back to the old system of simply getting a 4k, the best advice is to wait for rank reset and try. Get the killer's perks leveled up to tier 3. And use the best add ons they have.

    Maybe burn a map offering that your killer stands a decent chance on.

  • sirnewbingtonsirnewbington Member Posts: 78

    reset, get your adept at the noob ranks. you wont get them at R1

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    There are games where I have extremely short chases and only get a silver or bronze chaser because it was too short.

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    Then most likely, you would have needed to toy with the survivors instead of killing them. As I said, it depends on the length of the chase how many points you get. It starts from 90 points for a chase shorter than 15 seconds and ends at 30 points for a chase longer than 60 seconds. A hit grants 55 points. For Iridescent, you need 2550 points.

    So yes, if you only need a short amount of time to win against the survivors, the Emblem punishes you for playing well.

  • Mtom912Mtom912 Member Posts: 681
    edited September 2019

    I hooked each survivors 3 times each time I tried, so I thought that itself would help me enough to get iridescent chaser, but I did use my chainsaw for almost every down when I was LF, and used my expose when I was GF so I didn’t get many hits, and I assumed the short chases were why

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