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Transfer progress to Switch?

thewhitenutthewhitenut Member Posts: 1

I’ve preordered the switch version since I love the game, I already own the game in pc and PS4. I play way more on my ps4 than pc since the match making has been awful and grinding is just a pain. I tried searching online everywhere on details on the switch but couldn’t find a single thing on progress transfer. The switch is also getting an exclusive trapper mask for owning the game in a switch, still wondering how am I supposed to connect my accounts to get this in different devices, and really can’t be asked to buy the Kate biker skin 2/3 times in different devices


  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 967

    As far as I know it's still not possible to transfer progress between PC and Xbox/PS4, and I'm pretty sure it's for technical reasons. I don't know a lot about consoles but I don't see why Switch should be any different. If you can find examples of other games where progress can be synced between PC/Xbox/PS4 and Switch, you might be in with a chance, but if not, my guess would be that it's not technically possible and the devs couldn't implement it if they wanted to.

  • EisgeistEisgeist Member Posts: 1

    I started playing Smite on PC, but switched to console because of friends, and all my progress from one was shared to the other and it works on the Nintendo Switch too. All purchased cosmetics are shared as well as account level. That’s not to say that it’s possible with DbD though. Both games are quite different, perhaps it will be possible in the future if DbD allows cross platform play like so many games are doing these days. I’m hoping this is something they will work towards.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 967
    edited September 3

    Yeah, I think it works with games that are account-based, but the only accounts Dead by Daylight is attached to are your Steam, Microsoft or Sony account depending on whether you're playing on PC, Xbox or PS4 respectively. All of which are exclusive to their platform and not compatible with the Switch as far as I'm aware. So progress is synced to the cloud, but only to the Steam cloud or the MS Cloud or whatever, it's not centrally stored.

    In other words, your game would have to be hosted on a multi-device platform in order for progress syncing to be possible. I don't know enough to say for sure, but it's possible that with dedicated servers coming, cross-platform play and progress syncing might become more viable to implement.

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