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New hair material

The hair on the pig has been left in a weird state for a while now - the alpha on the texture doesn't appear to be working like it should / once did. I've noticed how the pig's hair, by default, looks exactly like the spirit's low res hair when she's far away from the player (to keep the game optimized) and as a large fan of the Pig, i cant help but be confused as to why the pig's hair hasn't been noticed and fixed yet. the spirits hair looks great; which is important as its a pretty big part of her design. Long, female-like locks of hair extruding from a pig head is also part of the Pig's creepy aesthetic, so i do believe it should have some attention and love too.

When i saw that there was work done on the hair overall in the 3.2.0 update, the first character i checked was the Pig - unfortunately she looks much worse now! i snooped at the hair of other characters and they all look fine. but the some reason the Pig's hair now looks far too dark where the strand lines on the texture are barely visible and now the hair mesh disappears as the character is rotated. i never noticed this effect on other characters when i checked them, but it really looks bad on the Pig unfortunately.

Just thought i'd post my thoughts on this new change, in hopes that a change could be done to improve the visual look of the Pig


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