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The Shark From Jaws (Bruce) as Killer Idea

VammatarVammatar Member Posts: 88
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The Shark


Maps will be flooded and underwater. Survivors need air to breath, they will have an oxygen bar, when it's low they will have to swim above water to find a air pocket, since above the map is surrounded by clear glass with very few openings.

When the survivors run out of air they will swim slower and flail around giving sound notifications to let Bruce know where you are. 

 there will also be safety platforms but Bruce can knock off the survivors, Generators are above water as well on some safety Plat forms.

When in the bleeding state Bruce can smell your blood, blood trails will brighten up within a 12 meter radius. (A built-in Blood Hound)

Add-on Ideas:

Decreasing survivors speed

Decreasing survivors oxygen bar

Fewer air pockets and/or plat forms


Animation Ideas:

To open lockers, Jaws will bash on the door forcing it to open. If no one is inside he slams it ######### with his tail. If someone is inside he goes in for an aggressive bite!

For an attack Bruce rushes for a bite, for longer attack Bruce flails his tail side to side in a fast motion giving him a boost.

When a survivor is down they go limp in a floating position.

Brice picks up survivors with his mouth of course and when hooking them he swims up and forcefuly drags the survivor down into the hook.

Tell me what you guys think!

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