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Problems and thoughts about DEMOGORGON after having played it

Th3NightmareTh3Nightmare Member Posts: 1,082
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I'm going to tell you what I see wrong, sincerely Behavior thought it would be a bad killer, but ... it's very interesting, congratulations devs.

He can do very incredible things with the dash! I love!

@Janick and all the designer team! Congratulation

and the community managers @Peanits etc..

Problems I see:

  • The Hitbox of the dash is quite problematic (with survivors and the environment) is very ... inconsistent, you will have to review its hitbox, there are occasions that you bump into a piece of wood or protruding from some structure with a small pixel.
  • When he hits an obstacle his camera is very immobile (with THE DASH) (I agree) but when he hits a survivor his camera is a little mobile, could he move a little more? There are situations that the immobility of the camera causes us to lose the survivor.
  • The killer's instinct (Hold M2) ... I think it has a range ... very bad ... don't you think? I don't know how many meters you have to detect the survivors, but being demogorgon should be a greater range, perhaps ... Currently it is ... 2-4 meters? I don't see much utility sincerely. It's the little I see most useless. Maybe ... increase it to 8-10 meters within the tunnel radius
  • It may be a whim but, when demogorgon puts the 6 tunnels, add the option that demogorgon can break their own tunnels. There are several survivors who may not find the tunnels and it may be the case that you have a tunnel in a place where the time comes that does not help you at all, so that tunnel is useless. Add an option so that if you put demogorgon on top you have the option to remove it!
  • The time you get "insidious" when you leave the tunnel is very short, 4-5 seconds? Increase it to 8-10 seconds


  • is your base charge (M1) shorter than the other killers? Or is it a bug?
  • The red Addon to break pallets with the dash, the stun you receive is very long ... is this a bug?

For all the rest, I love it, it is the first time that I am satisfied with a killer launch even though I would have liked it to have had more essence of 2 Freddy-type worlds, but I was glad that I had the upside down leading the survivors, you already understand me!

But hey, we will have to wait for future killers.

Thank you!

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  • TheEvilKitTheEvilKit Member Posts: 39

    For your first point on the dash, I have to agree it feels real wonky. I charged through two Survivors standing next to each other once, otherwise it's usually fairly straightforward.

    The second point uh... I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to? Do you mean when you stun yourself with the dash you can't look around at all and you want bhvr to change it so you can? Not being able to look is in line with billy/bubba/pallet stuns in general, so it makes sense to me and is also a punishment for greedily charging. Seems fine imo.

    Your third point is also confusing to me. If you're referring to the range of the killer instinct detection around active portals, you can read those at infinite range away. Itt's a 4m radius around the portal in all directions which is pretty fine imo, it's meant to be used as a detection for when someone is trying to seal it primarily as far as I see it, and is free info at little to no cost to you. Drop an obvious portal next to a hex or gen, if they're dumb enough to start sealing it you can tp over and apply some pressure.

    Your fourth point... I actually agree with kind of. Every other killer that makes use of a survivor interact-able power like Hag or Trapper has a way to redeploy their traps without survivors actually ever finding them... I'm totally with you on having a way to close portals so you can redeploy them. The reasons why the devs may have decided not to allow you to do so is to prevent you from just dropping a portal so you can teleport somewhere you need to go RIGHT NOW for instance... a hooked survivor! Understandable, but leads to frustrating situations.

  • Th3NightmareTh3Nightmare Member Posts: 1,082
    edited September 2019

    - I think we agree on the dash's inconsistency. (hitbox with the environment and the survivors)

    - On the second point, when he bumps into an obstacle he receives his stun I agree that he cannot turn the camera, but when he hits a survivor with the dash, he can SLIGHTLY turn the camera, I would like him to do it a little more.

    - Yes, in the third point, I really may not have understood it but it seems that it has little detection range (I know that they are revealed to you if they are near the tunnel) but ... at what range they detect it when you are more away, I think those levels are very low

    - And in the 4 point, totally yes, he should have something to eliminate his own tunnels, since ... if you place a tunnel in a generator and finally that generator is already repaired that tunnel becomes useless if the survivors do not eliminate it , so I see an optimal option to add it.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,446

    To the first point, I think he means when you miss a hit, you cant move either. Not necessarily bumping into objects. Btw Bubba can look around. Nurse as well, after a second I guess. I would also like to look around a bit more, but as it is a pretty strong attack (you can counter the window loop on the killer shack quite quickly with it for example) I think it is OK when it has this drawback. Doesn't make the killer bad and probably allows a bit confusion as counter play along with Iron Will for example. I lost some distance already in some chases due to that.

    I was confused at first that you get no killer instinct on closed portals. I would like that feature, as you can't replace portals at the moment. Don't know if this goes direction OP if it would trigger instinct all the time. Another option then would be to be able to destroy your portals. But I also see the balancing point on that one. At least it should take some time to remvoe it, like 5-10 seconds. So you don't go spam portals. Also the 200BP per portal would be reduced I guess. But I think it is fine the way it is, you just need to learn about protal placement optimization. If you trap every gen or totem, you will have none left to travel to gates or hatch in endgame. You need to think about always keeping one in stock to to quick travel in game changing situations and so on.

    All in all, as the thread opener, I'm totally happy about this chapter. Nothing feels unplayable, nothing is extremely bugged and it seems you can learn with and against the killer. Not even sure if there is number tweaking necessary. Just haven't played on the new map yet which I heard is pretty irritating and too many pallets but also too many unsafe pallets :)

  • Th3NightmareTh3Nightmare Member Posts: 1,082
    edited September 2019

    I edited the thread as I noticed more things in it, I hope it will be read by the devs and by the whole community that has played demo.

  • Ark_the_BonsaiArk_the_Bonsai Member Posts: 867

    On the point about removing tunnels, are they not recycled in order of placement once you run out like with the other killers? I kinda expected them to be

  • JimsalabimJimsalabim Member Posts: 641

    There is also a huge problem with the hitbox he can still hit me when i'm far away from the window when i jumped or sometimes it looks like he misses me and still hit. something is so off about it.

    Also they should add the detection automatically instead of you holding M2 every time to "check" if someone is sealing your portal. it also slows you down

  • beck__beck__ Member Posts: 24

    Its tricky for devs to balance portals. They are powerful when only few gens left and even more powerful when exit gates get powered. But for killer to get this advantage they have to have portals available for those situations which means relying on some being destroyed or not using them much until end game.

    Maybe allow killer to reclaim portals via a long action so it would be a risk to do. Or put it on an add on.

    Looking forward to using him on ps4.

  • typervadertypervader Member Posts: 216

    They aren't Lilley changing things like stealth, killer instinct or letting you destroy portals. Those are intentional

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