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Second Wind BUGS

StargamerXDStargamerXD Member Posts: 19
edited September 2019 in 3.2.0 PTB Bug Reports

First of all I need to know if it is intended that you can use Second Wind multiple times, or if it should deactivate after I get full healed by the perk or get interupted (downed again) AND IT STAYS DEACTIVATED.

Because one of the bugs happened, that the perk activated a second time for me and didnt work right after the second unhook.

How the bug happend:

  • I heal an injured person fully (the perk lights up and activates)*
  • I got downed and hooked*
  • I unhooked myself and the perk starts the 34 sec timer to heal me (It was just pure luck that I unhooked myself)*
  • I was working on a gen, while I got healed (Dont know if thats necessary info)*
  • After I was in healthy status, I healed another person 100% by myself, and the perk lights up again
  • When I got downed, the perk deactivated and I got hooked
  • I get unhooked and the perk inflicts me with the broken status effect, BUT I don't get the timer to heal my fully again
  • I stay BROKEN until I got downed (and that was at the exit gates like 5 mins after)

*The first 4 steps work like they should.

On step 5, I guess the perk doesn't really deactivate, IF it's not intended that you can use it twice. If you should be able to use it multiple times, you gotta fix that. (Inner Strengh works also multiple times)

The other bug seems like odd and only happened for me, that I couldn't get my perk activated even when it should. From my understanding to activate you need to heal an equivalent of ONE full heal. (16 charges) For me it didn't activate when another person helps healing. Even when I heal like twice 50% I dont get my perk to lighten up. It only worked when I got my 500 heal points.

(If it helps, I had the perk in the first perk slot equipped)

Also a question: Do great skill-checks interfere with this? Like if I hit a great, I'm not using the exact 16 charges to heal, but less.

Third bug. This isn't an exclusive second wind bug, but it interferes with general insta heals.

We tested second wind when you are in deep wound timer. (Not through Legion, but borrowed time) When the person, with activated second wind, gets unhooked, while the killer is nearby, by a survivor with BT, everything worked normal just fine.

  • The unhooked gets broken and BT
  • The killer hits the person and puts him into deep wound timer.
  • After the second wind timer completes the person was still in deep wound timer, buts only gets to the injured state. And not fully healed.

If the perk is set to work like a styptic agend addon, it makes sense to put the survivor into the injured state. Its ONE health state. The thing is, even a Anti-Haemorrhagic Syringe addon doesen't put a survivor from the deep wound status into the healty status. I dont know why, it only heals "one" health state (even tho mending is not considered "healing") Its complicated.

If you guys change how healing works in general, that the syringe should heal through deep wound to heal fully, what it should already, it even says in the tooltip "Instantly and completly heal on secondary action.", it is just a balance oppinion then, that the perk second wind should do that too. (I don't even know how inner strengh works with deep wound status. Healing is really broken by itself.

Thanks for listening

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