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Audio questions

I am not sure if those are bug or new design. (very much hoping for a bug, though)

The screams of other survivors, even when they are downed on the other side of the map, you hear them like they are next to you.

Also heartbeat of the killer. Not directional aside, not even distance related. I always hear them like Legion iridescent add-on. Weather or not I am in chase or barely 32 meter limit or standing next to the killer it is always same tone.

Another one is generator noises. It was really hard to hear the gens below your level, or behind any object really. Now it is almost impossible to hear them. It is like everyone carry technician. Even if there is rock between me an gen I can't hear it both as survivor and killer. The gens inside a building are completely silent for me, if not standing 2 meter away.


  • FairP1ayerFairP1ayer Member Posts: 457

    IDK why the sound keeps breaking with every update, it’s getting old…

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