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Portal Killer Instinct Range

HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298
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So Monto is using the Thorny Vines to increase the range that portals can detect people. At 3:55 he charges his ability and his portal is directly next to the door Claudette is near to, she is not detected. At 3:56 after she uses Dead Hard even closer to the portal it finally detects her. Now that range is not far at all and that's WITH an add-on, you can clearly see how close that blood pool is to the portal so I can barely imagine how close it is WITHOUT the add-on because that is NOTHING; the base range needs to be increased and so do the add-ons. In the Stranger Things presentation video it was definitely a suggestion to use the portals as an advanced technique to keep track of Survivors, well advanced players can't get much out of that tiny range so I don't think it's worth saying it is a powerful tool.

Right now it can basically detect someone ON the portal and barely detect anyone nearby and those things make noise so we can't hide them because we have to put them close so that right there means the range needs extending.

I'm tagging @Peanits and hopefully this gets seen because this thread also contains a bug and most of my threads do not get ''seen'' even when I do tag someone but I have to try right. I guess I could tag Janick but he probably has better and nicer things to do than watch everyone complain.

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  • DecarcassorDecarcassor Member Posts: 419

    Not only is default the detection range very short, but it also appear to flat out not work sometimes. I think it may have something to do with obstacles blocking the detection or something.

    But also you need to activate the portals, by travelling through them once to even get the detection to begin with. Why ? If it was good detection I'd understand, but currently its just not.

    I thought the idea with the portals was to hide them near gens to get the jump on survivors when you come out Undetectable, but it does not work. Unless you stick your portals right on the gen they won't detect survivors working on them.

  • Sauceman_TimSauceman_Tim Member Posts: 102

    The portals do seem lackluster at the moment and the add ons aren't exactly the most creative.

    I think his lunge needs to break pallets without the pink add on imo, and as you say the information you receive from portals is very hit or miss.

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    The portals also don't have or don't have enough range vertically, up or down. At 7:17 Someone goes to the Basement to save Laurie, the portal is at the Gen basically above Laurie and Tru3 detects the person making the save up above. At 7:20 both Survivors are downstairs and Tru3 cannot detect anyone, this means he wasn't detecting Laurie in the Basement but only detecting the rescuer upstairs UNTIL she went downstairs.

    So Demo's portals are not effective on The Game map and in some areas on the new Hawkins map as some places on the 1st floor have a scaffolding above. This more evidence that the base range of portals for Killer Instinct need to be increased.

    Also it might be a bug several times in the beginning Tru3 was holding his ability and had an active portal next to Ruin and did not detect the person on the totem. It could be a case of not holding the ability while they were destroying it but it looks unlikely with the amount of times and length he was holding it and the time frame someone needed to get to the Ruin and destroy it so this also shows the portals don't always show Killer Instinct.

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