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Why does Mind breaker only work under 50% gen progression?

In case you don't know, one of the new perks, Mindbreaker, prevents survivors recovering from exhaustion while working on a generator. As most survivors run exhaustion perks, this has potential to be really good but it only works under 50% gen progression.

Unless I'm mistaken, most survivors will be exhausted in the mid game after a few chases. At the same time that's when most of the generators have been worked on so the perk doesn't have a great effect. Also even if an exhausted survivor works on a generator from 0% to completion, they will still recover from exhaustion as 50% of a generator is 40 seconds, the same as the exhaustion cool down.

In my opinion I think the gen progression requirement should be removed. As it stands the perk is only good for countering Sprint Burst and the occasional Dead Hard.


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