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(How not to be) Dead by Daylight: Surviving a Night in the Entity's Realm

FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 911
edited September 18 in Guides

My entry for the contest is aimed at teaching new survivors the basics of escaping a trial, which means that any optional objectives (totems, chests, items, addons, offerings, perks) or mechanics that exist outside the trials (ranks, levelling, bloodpoints) are not covered.

Click the link above for the full guide, in the form of an interactive PDF (in addition to the contents page, many other words and phrases throughout the guide contain clickable links to the corresponding pages).

I hope you enjoy it. Thank you, and good luck to all other entrants!

Guide written and designed by Fibijean; Backgrounds and ‘FAQ clouds’ created by Fibijean.

All other icons, illustrations (including background character art) and game content visible in screenshots were used by permission and are the exclusive property of Behaviour Interactive Inc.

Please note: depending on your browser, the linked elements in the guide may appear differently, for example with yellow highlights in Firefox. This is a browser-specific way of reading interactive PDFs and not a design choice on my part.

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