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Due to latency issues in the PTB, we have decided to postpone the server hit validation test until after the update releases on the live version of the game. We will let you know when the test will take place as soon as we can. Thank you all for your patience.

Clown gas causes continuous screams

Survivors inside the gas cloud continously restart their scream sound until either the gas expires or they leave the gas cloud. It sounds very dumb


  • FairP1ayerFairP1ayer Member Posts: 437

    Not a bug, this was an intentional change.

  • MadjuraMadjura Member Posts: 1,056

    The way I interpret the patch notes they should scream when they are initially hit by the gas and then again when they leave the gas and go back in it. The way they currently scream does not sound intentional, kind of like a stutter

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