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Rank Rewards before Battlepass

Seriously, I don't think anyone really likes the mindset in which this is heading towards. Rank rewards have been requested for ages, and it leads to it 'not being a main priority' or 'maybe in the future' kind of deals. Well, how come a battlepass is a main priority over that? No one asked for a battlepass, but that seems to be set into gear and ready for us soon enough, while rank reward topics are still heavily ignored. What's so hard about rewarding players for actually playing the game? People have simply asked for bloodpoints or shards as means of rewarding them for their hardwork, and all they get is radio silence.

It shouldn't be too hard to simply do that. Deathgarden, of all games, rewards players for simply doing a survey, yet we can't be rewarded for actually taking the time and dedication into ranking up? This is one of the main reasons why de-ranking is so common, because ranking up means nothing. The way I see it, it's either remove ranks or start rewarding players. And, before someone says 'bUt RaNkS pReVeNt GoOd PlAyErS fRoM pLaYiNg WiTh NeWeR pLaYeRs!!!!!!111!', no, that's not true, because people, AGAIN, could simply de-rank themselves or play with rank 20 SWFs. It won't surprise me if a bunch of new players coming in from the Strangers Thing's community end up leaving past week one because they got bullied by 2000 hour Survivors or Killers who wanted to de-rank to get some form of enjoyable content.

Please, invest time in listening to the community before having us whip out our wallets for a battlepass. There's been too many threads lately asking for rank rewards, and it's upsetting to see no one from BHVR actually taking the time to listen to their suggestions.


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