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Better Together suggestion and balanced landing on the new map

It could be useful for Better Together to reveal the survivor's aura in addition to the generator. It might even be possible to reveal the survivor's aura INSTEAD of the generator, similar to Wake Up.

I mention this because it may not be obvious to other survivors that the generator being highlighted is due to a survivor repairing it. Should it be obvious? I don't know... I'm just mentioning it because of a game I had where I almost led the killer to a highlighted generator without realizing that a survivor was working on it... The yellow colour reminds me a lot of the highlight from Discordance and Surveillance when I'm playing killer.

I also have a comment regarding regarding Balanced Landing on the new map - I think all of the extra and unconventional vaults are a nice twist to the gameplay, allowing survivors to juke the killer in new ways (such as dropping down from a vault and having multiple open-ended paths to choose before the killer can drop down as well) However, similar to Haddonfield (and a particular loop involving the harvesters on Coldwind Farm), the time saved from Balanced Landing's stagger reduction is going to compound much more quickly than on other maps. I'm not sure what the solution is (or if there should even be one, given the variety of the other maps in the game), but I can see Hawkins Lab being the go-to map for survivors with Balanced Landing, just like with Haddonfield...


  • NenkieNenkie Member Posts: 43
    edited September 2019

    You should be worried about NOT having balanced landing on that map, but the perk is fine.

    The reduced stagger duration should be baseline, not from a perk.

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