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The new dying light - why it has issues and how it can be fixed.

The new dying light has been developed a to fix a problem with the current dying light, excessive tunneling and mori'ing of the obsession in order to get it to be active as soon as possible and reap the benefits of it. The new dying light has the problem of both buffing the obsession and forcing them to be kept alive in order to reap the benefits of the tokens. This isn't necessarily a problem as we've seen both pwyf and stbfl work with this kind of system, but they both have something that the new dying light has. A way of keeping tokens and losing them. They simply don't gain tokens when the obsession dies. My simple proposed change is that if the obsession dies, you keep your current tokens, therefore not making them immune to death but encouraging you leave them alive long enough to reap the full benefits of the perk, similar to save the best for last or remember me. I also propose that instead of buffing the obsessions healing speed, have the obsession be able to actively remove tokens by saving people off the hook. This promotes both altruism and time wasting on the obsessions part due to them being forced to take time away from rushing gens (with them being unaffected by the perk.) I also believe the obsession should be affected by the perk, atleast by half the tokens gained. That way the user isin't promoted to actively hunt down the obsession to get rid of someone unaffected by the perk.

Tldr: tokens shouldn't disapear on obsessions death instead being kept and losing the ability to earn anymode, and any hook saves the obsession makes should remove 1-2 tokens. The obsession should also not be buffed and should be affected too by the perks debuff, even if it's to a lesser degree. All of these changes will make the perk very viable and like that of save the best for last or remember me, which encourage keeping the obsession alive long enough to reap the benefits, and kill them at a peak.


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