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1 on 1 is unfair



  • tehshadowman33tehshadowman33 Member Posts: 939

    Just use Left Behind. As others have stated, if your team failed, you fail to find hatch, and you fail to open gate then you deserve to die.

    You are NOT entitled to win every game.

  • KilmeranKilmeran Member Posts: 2,822
    edited September 2019

    Is this a bait post, or does the OP simply have a very poor understanding of how asymmetrical game design works?

  • StrangeStrange Member Posts: 15

    You can consider a ''win'' when you don't get the -1 after the match.


    If Whispers or a killer able to trap the door isn't in the mix it's really only strongly in the killers favor some of the time when the doors are really close. Other times it's just far enough that I can open the gate half the time if I wait a second and watch the killer patrol before I make my move(s). Other times they're so far apart that it's actually in your favor. I think it's more fair than it needs to be just because you're the last person alive.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 11,938

    Sorry for you that you don't like it.

    Maybe take measures to avoid being alone?

    Cause it's not gonna change, being weak when alone only makes sense.

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 3,949

    Good. It's not supposed to be fair. You had three chances to escape and you still failed. Too bad so sad.

  • not_Queefnot_Queef Member Posts: 370

    Hurr durr, just find the hatch first 4head

    Oh wait, the killer already closed the hatch the moment it opened.

    Just open a gate 4head

    Oh wait, the killer can see both gates so it's impossible to open one without being seen.

    Yeah it sucks, bUt It'S aN aSyMmEtRiCaL gAmE so just let the killer have their free kill despite the fact that they failed to catch you fairly.

    There are a bunch of ways to make this better, like changing the hatch so it only spawns once there is one person left (or once all the gens are done). That way both the killer and survivor have an equal chance to find it, rather than the killer instantly stomping it shut. It would also prevent early escapes using keys, which also sucks big dongers.

    Buffing Wake Up would make the situation more tolerable as well.

    It's a shame because the EGC is great fun when there are multiple survivors left.

  • ImpalaImpala Member Posts: 145

    It isn't supposed to be fair, why does a survivor have to be rewarded if his teammates are sacrificed? Endgame as it is right now is perfect, you have your chance to escape but you don't have a higher chance than the killer to win. Maybe next time don't rely on an hatch escape and do gens. (I'm more of a survivor main btw)

  • Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 1,091

    EGC Starts:

    Survivor: Man.. My time has come...

    -Survivor begins to search all unlooted chests to find key-

    -Survivor finds broken key and it starts to rain-

    Survivor: -Looks into the sky on their knees- "Whhyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!"

    The EGC consumes the survivor.

  • PrincessPoopPrincessPoop Member Posts: 919

    It’s fine the way it is. It supposed to be an almost guaranteed win for the killer at this point since they have pretty much won already. The only thing I think should be changed are the exit gates spawning 5 feet away from each other. And I’m not just saying this for the last survivor EGC scenarios, but in general this just shouldnt happen.

  • FrostyFrosty Member Posts: 375

    My girlfriend survivor mains and regularly escapes EGC by the various methods described above. So it's possible.

    If you really don't like it bring a key and a stalk the killer to the hatch. Let him close it and escape after he dips to patrol the gates.

    As a killer main in think the match is super lame but I see it's value to the game.

  • joker7997joker7997 Member Posts: 899

    I probably only find the hatch about 70% of the time before the survivor, I don't slug the second to last survivor to hunt for the last one because it's boring. Getting out 30% of the time when you've already lost is a gift take it

  • JackikinsJackikins Member Posts: 56

    Yes, DBD is an Asymmetrical game.

  • joker7997joker7997 Member Posts: 899

    This is not correct, I've had some very clever survivors snake me out of my win, and I've done it to killers as a survivor plenty of times. So it is quite possible, you've just gotta play sneaky and smart, and even then it usually won't work, which is good

  • BOSS242BOSS242 Member Posts: 171

    So if i have this right, it unfair to the killer cuz the survivor who's 3 other team mates were out played and that survivor didn't play well enough to carry 3 other players in the match should only have like a 10% chance of escape?

    I guess it makes sense, it would kinda be like if killer got something stupid like one hit downs and speed boost for all the gens being done. xD

    I don't think people are asking for a 50/50 shot at EGC but it shouldn't be 90% hopeless either.

    It could be something small like hatch reopening after a minute. They could still just close it again but It would make killers add the hatch to their patrol during EGC just enough to add play and in turn "fun" for both sides.

  • WeckWeck Member Posts: 3,552

    Patrolling 2 gates is already a lot sometimes.

    The egc is there to put an end to the game, not for the survivor to have a last chance of escape.(that is the hatch)

  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,441

    You're comparing apples and oranges there. NOED can be completely prevented by the survivors if they are thorough and cleanse all the totems. If you rush through the generators as fast as possible, you're risking getting hit by NOED.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 5,756

    the survivor is supposed to lose a 1 v 1 against the killer.

    thats why there are 4 of you - because you wouldnt stand a chance in a 1 v 1 fight.

    you should be thankful that you even have the hatch as a free escape when you failed. and if you fail there aswell, you get another free escape chance. at some point a killer deserves the 4k, dont you agree?

    he literally denied you 2 escape routes AND spotted you before you could utalize the 3rd. that should be enough.

  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 3,162

    Well I mean yeah, 1v1 is unfair. Survivors are weaker than the killer on an individual basis. This is the entire point of the game.

  • Swiftblade131Swiftblade131 Member Posts: 1,840

    1v1 isn't fair? Course not

    That's because its a 4v1

  • DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 1,896

    Maybe practice winning your chases instead of prolonging them. 1v1 is winnable but needs to be difficult or the asymmetric balance falls apart.

  • baronbaron Member Posts: 121

    It is a designed screw job they dont care the experience sucks for a good chunk of the player base and that they hate it. If your team sucks and dies while you dont and then you get screwed by hatch and door placements then thats your fault. Obviously yoy shoukd have to carry the team on your shoulders by doing all the gens, getting chased, and powering doors all at the same time. What a [BAD WORD] show.

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,114

    It isn’t supposed to be fair.

  • HorusHorus Member Posts: 850

    And there making a perk to find hatch across a map so even easier now

  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 3,162

    If everyone else is dead, you screwed up, as a team. Sometimes you get lucky and find the hatch or open a door, sometimes you don't. This is a dumb hill to die on.

  • FrenziedRoachFrenziedRoach Member Posts: 1,711
    edited September 2019

    Why is it, when a killer "Fails at his objective" it's unfair for him to use NOED>

    But when a survivor team fails, that last person is supposed to get away?

    This flippin' community and all the silly double-standards.

  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 3,076

    You failed to power the gates through generators.

    You failed to find the hatch first.

    You failed. It's supposed to be extraordinarily difficult to escape at this phase. Survivors should VERY, VERY, VERY RARELY be able to win in a 1 on 1.

  • DonnieTheZombieDonnieTheZombie Member Posts: 229

    The thing thats stupid and unfair is how close the gates always spawn next to each other. People say it "rarely" happens but if it makes it to the egc i almost always encounter doors spawning too close to each other. When i play killer it feels dumb to get a free kill because i dont even have to patrol the doors, and when i play survivor it sucks knowing in going to die no matter because they're in view of each other.

    They just need to fix the door spawns and its all good.

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