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Mouse doesn't register in some moments during borderless and fullscreen

_ColeZ__ColeZ_ Member Posts: 14

I've posted this topic a while back but never got an update after replying and REALLY want a fix or some help. The issue is that when playing in game during a match my mouse will not registers clicks until the 2nd or 3rd press for MOUSE1 or MOUSE2. I really want a fix as this is extremely annoying as a killer main where lunging is now inconsistent .

First off it is not my mouse. I have swapped mouses, and contacted the company about the mouse I do use and went through their fixes and it still ran fine on all other games and such except DbD. All drivers are up to date and I have reinstalled and verified the integrity of files of Dead By Daylight. The mouse is a Bluetooth gaming mouse by logitech, the G602. It also came with a wire and both plugged in and with fresh batteries it is fine except in Dead by Daylight.

After my post initially went generally unnoticed I tried to Google the issue and try to fix it myself and couldn't find any definitive answer, but there were others with the issue all the way back to before 2017! This issue has been growing for pc players for a while since it was never addressed. Some have found workarounds but these haven't worked for me. I'll link some discussions that have mentioned fixes that help some.

This issue was annoying enough that I stopped playing DbD because of it and got tired of waiting to hear something or find something. With the new stranger things dlc announced I wanted to try it but the mouse problems are keeping me backing from coming back when it's out. Would really appreciate help.


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