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Surge PTB Feedback

How the perk should be:

Putting a Survivor into the Dying State causes all Generators 

 within a radius of 32 metres to instantly explode and regress.

Surge applies an additional regression of 15 %.

Surge can only be triggered once every 30 seconds.


  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,695

    Biggest problem with surge:

    24m radius + 40 second cooldown + Basic attack requirement = overkill on downsides.

    If any one of those things were changed or removed, the perk would become universally useful for all killers. In its current state however, I can see only 3 killers getting any benefit from it: Shape, Ghost Face, and Plague. Main reason why only those 3 is because each one can down a survivor with a single basic attack before they run too far from a gen for it to trigger. All other killers being forced to m1 a survivor in order to activate the perk, all while praying they don't get too far away from the gens, makes the perk very weak. They dropped its radius from 32m to 24m because of small maps and 3 gen situations, but it already had a 40 second cooldown to compensate for the higher range allowing survivors in 3 gen situations to still make progress, and now its practically useless. If they removed the cooldown, 24m would be fine, same if they removed the basic attack requirement, and if they increased its range to 32m the 40 second cooldown and basic attack requirements would be fine, but the combination of all 3 makes it laughably bad in practice.

    The devs have a nasty history of overcompensating on downsides for perks and add-ons as if we couldn't handle it otherwise. I'd rather have a perk released as Over Powered like DS, and then adjusted for balance, then come out Under Powered and useless. That's not to say that Surge would be OP if any of the 3 conditions/downsides were changed or removed. I'm just saying that they had the chance to have us test it in the PTB with a higher radius, but didn't even allow us to in order to prove whether or not it would be OP. Here's hoping they do make a change to it that will make it more universally useful to killers for the live release.

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