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New add ons for Demogorgon idea

You know, I wasn’t sure if this should be posted here or fan creation, but here we go.

I also don’t have names for these so they will just be numbered off.

(1.) Uncommon - increases range by 4 meters a survivor becomes oblivious by a portal.

(2.) Uncommon - Increases the amount of time you are undetectable after going out of a portal by 2 seconds.

(3.) Rare increases range by 8 meters for when a survivor becomes oblivious from a portal

(4.) Rare - Survivors cleansing a portal gain the exhausted status effect for 30 seconds

(5.) Rare - Survivors injured by your lunge gain the broken status effect for 60 seconds.

(6.) Very Rare - Survivors that come within 12 meters of a portal gain the oblivious status effect.

Amount of time you have the undetectable status effect when leaving a portal is increased by 8 seconds.

(7.) Iridescent - Survivors working on a generator gain the oblivious status effect and survivors can no longer see when you when you go through a portal until you are fully out.

(8.) Iridescent - Survivors that walk within 4 meters of your portal gain the exposed status effect that persists for 15 seconds when leaving. When they cleanse a portal this persists for 60 seconds

These are just my ideas also I’m not sure if this goes in here or not so I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to put this.


  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 2,235

    I like the broken effect on the shred, though it would probably have a higher rarity.

    Some of these seem a little overpowered, but that first iridescent... hehehe, it probably would never be added but I would love it so much. Except for the second effect, that would just look silly. If you want stealth, making it so there's no noise when you warp would be better. Heck, I'd take that effect alone.

    Also for the second iridescent, place a portal in the basement stairs and you have an ez win.

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