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Cant run dbd because i get an error

DaimDaim Member Posts: 3

When I start playing dbd it starts loading the anti cheat thing, Then it stops loading and I get this error,

Then my anti virus gives me a warning a infected file will be opened if I start playing dbd.

Can someone help me solve this problem? I'll appreciate it <3




  • smokyjoe101smokyjoe101 Member Posts: 11
    edited September 2019

    I wanna echo this.

    Getting the same error. Tried the EAC fixes outlined in the EAC fix thread to no success.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that I don't get any AV issues or messages, just the EAC error when trying to run the game.

  • BlackBeardBlackBeard Member Posts: 3
    edited September 2019

    Same problem here, with Bitdefender immediatly deleting the file cause of the "Gen:Variant.Graftor.20822" found.

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  • DaimDaim Member Posts: 3

    After your did that, were you able to play the game again?

  • BlackBeardBlackBeard Member Posts: 3
    edited September 2019

    same error at every launch, since EasyAC try to download a new file each time

  • smokyjoe101smokyjoe101 Member Posts: 11

    Can confirm that with bitdefender. I've had to disable it entirely to get the game to run. Enabling it causes the error to come straight back.

  • ShirokuroShirokuro Member Posts: 182

    Got the same issue myself today with BitDefender. I'm quite certain it's false positive but I'm not going to turn my antivirus off completely just to play the game.

  • SuggestiveSuggestive Mod, Customer Support Posts: 42

    I've sent a dev ticket to the guys at EAC in case there's something they need to change on their side

    But yeah - it seems the issue is with BitDefender right now. You may have to disable it as some of you have done already, or set up exceptions for EAC/DBD

  • TzunnyTzunny Member Posts: 8

    Hello, i just got home and was wanna play, the system had a Windows 10 update today & i did a NVIDIA driver update yesterday as well. And today i get this error from the AV. I didn't do anything to the game & i didn't notice any DbD update yesterday and today either. No idea what is going on but i will not "dare" to play until this get fixed somehow, i don't want this cheap EAC to force a weird ban of any chance or worse to affect the system files by spreading. Uploading screenshots:

  • MedicDWightMedicDWight Member Posts: 7

    Seems like it´s not only on BitDefender. I have the same problem and use GData, so yeah, it seems like its on EAC`s part

  • Im also getting this issue atm

  • Bump, cmon i want to play : (

  • TzunnyTzunny Member Posts: 8

    Adding to exception in AV that AppData folder was the only solution for me, i scanned entire system after and virus didn't spread. It's funny how dumb is this EAC, not that is USELESS game lurking with cheaters but now is seen as a virus to haha PRETTY GOOD JOB

  • FaigeFaige Member Posts: 2

    I have the same problem, I think it occurs because of the 2020 update, my game worked before I did it. I know BitDefender blocks an other game (and his launcher) even if I autorize them to edit files ... I renewed the license of my anti-virus there were 3 days so I won't delete it now just to play to DbD. I hope an update will delete the problem fastly :)

  • TzunnyTzunny Member Posts: 8

    I didn't updated to no 2020 yet

  • Can confirm, adding exception to that pathfile will fix the issue.

    However THIS SHOULDN't HAVE BEEN AN ISSUE TO BEGIN WITH (caps because it annoyed the hell out of me)

  • CheesyMikeCheesyMike Member Posts: 2

    I'm not being able to add exception to the pathfile though :/

  • NeroSonicNeroSonic Member Posts: 4
    edited September 2019

    I just registered on this forum today and I'm also getting the same error. I've tried adding the app to my trusted applications, but that didn't resolve the issue. Here's a screenshot of what I'm getting right now:

    Now I've researched the offending file in question and it appears to be a trojan horse virus, but I highly believe this is a mistake since this is just a game on Steam. So I believe the file has a pattern of code that BitDefenders mistakenly deems as a virus.

    Now I'm not really sure how to permanently resolve the problem since I think the file is automatically generated and creates a unique ID for each successful launch.

  • kyley97kyley97 Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2019

    Just stumbled across this forum as I have got the same issue, I managed to get around it by disabling my Anti virus (using Bitdefender) and launching the game. Even managing to re-enable my Bitdefender while on the game and not affecting it, only get a problem when first launching the game. Tried adding to exemptions but not working at all. I have also sent a email to Bitdefender to see if they can help at all. What is weird is that Rust is totally unaffected yet using the same Anti cheat as Dead by daylight. Hopefully this is resolved soon.

    Thought I would add a quick edit to say I ran a full system scan and nothing was found, no idea why this has just happened, even more confused by Rust being totally unaffected by it.

  • NeroSonicNeroSonic Member Posts: 4

    I can also confirm that Dirty Bomb is also unaffected by BitDefender and the game is also using the same anti-cheat system as DbD. Thanks for emailing BitDefender. Please keep us posted of your findings!

  • NeroSonicNeroSonic Member Posts: 4
    edited September 2019

    I was on Discord and I was talking to a fellow player. He found out a great solution that can help others onto resolving the issue.

    1. Proceed to your BitDefender admin panel
    2. Click on the Protection tab
    3. Click on Settings on the Antivirus section
    4. Click on the Exceptions tab
    5. Click Add
    6. Browse for your user profile and then proceed to /appdata/local/temp
    7. Once you have the temp folder clicked, click OK
    8. Close the BitDefender admin panel and try to launch the game again

    Let me know if that worked out for you!

  • MedicDWightMedicDWight Member Posts: 7

    Thanks for this!

    I'm just wondering tho, can't it be dangerous to give the whole temp folder permission, since that can give other viruses who may sneak onto the folder permission as well? I'm not really an expert with those kind of things so sorry if that question is dumb xD

  • veroerikaveroerika Member Posts: 1

    Hello, I have the same problem, my game does not work. I have the Bitdefender antivirus, it has me Gen: Variant.Graftor.20822 quarantined. is this file dangerous or not?

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 8,589

    Being honest, I don't get why you're all running extra anti-virus programs in the first place.

    I've literally ran nothing other than Windows Defender since I got Windows 10. Aside from occasionally needing to run Malware Bytes to clear out some cookies, I've never had an issue at all.

  • otherrobertotherrobert Member Posts: 11

    I've been using BitDefender since before I installed DBD when it originally launched and only started to receive this EAC error yesterday. I don't get why someone should have to stop antivirus software from running to play a game with online connectivity.

  • RiriRiri Member Posts: 4

    I had the same problem earlier tonight and bitdefender was identifying "infected" files from the local temp folder. I added the whole folder to the exceptions, and it worked.


    Once I added this folder location as an exception, my game worked.

  • MedicDWightMedicDWight Member Posts: 7
    edited September 2019


    Seems like they fixed the Issue, tried logging in today and everything worked fine, without giving folders exception or turning off the AV- Software

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