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Some way for older killer to pressure far-away gens.

When I say older killers, I rather mean those who do not have a way to quickly get to gens, like the Cannibal, the Shape, the Trapper or even the Pig.

They cannot sprint at high speeds like the Hillbilly or Spirit, they can't teleport to faraway gens or portals like the Nightmare or the Demogorgon, nor can they just blink to them like the Nurse.

This makes them far less able to put pressure on the other survivors, as you attempt to down one of them through chases. Sure, it'll start putting a lot more pressure on the others once that survivor gets downed and hooked, but without ruin, those three can most definitely complete several gens if the survivor you find is capable of looping well.

Perhaps some of them could get an additional ability to combat just that, without making it too useable in chases to grant an unfair advantage there.

For example, the Trapper, the Cannibal, the Pig and the Doctor could get the ability to "sprint", and thus increase their movement speed at the cost of being unable to use their weapon. They would most definitely also have to have a cooldown with a bit of slowing when stopping their sprinting (to either get their weapon ready or such thing) to make it less than viable in chases.

The Wraith could simply get a good boost of speed while cloaked, , which in turn can still get buffed by the Windstorm addons.

The Shape could also get a special treatment as well, with him being able to cloak completely when survivors don't have line of sight to him, thus granting him a tremendous speed buff while being unable to attack. However, he would still give a musical cue (perhaps akin to "The Hedge" music from the movie) to any survivors in his terror radius while he's invisible, as well as when he reappears near them (which could trigger the "jumpscare" sound effect if he appears within 6 meters), thus warning the survivors that he's nearby.

I'd say this would give some good ways for the "non-viable" killers in higher ranks to be more effective, while still being hopefully fun to go against in the mid-ranks.


  • DemodogDemodog Member Posts: 9

    Killers are already op af, they can actually walk across the map... That’s insanely op, pls nerf asap.

    Jokes aside, I really don’t think the devs would change something with older accessories to murder (I refuse to call them killers) to actually make them viable.

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