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Notes on the Stranger Things PTB [Personal Opinion on the new content]

Second Wind doesn't work for medkit heals; Description update/Perk change

When healing Steve you see under his hair at the black back of his head model; Fix

Steve doesn't make much of a noise when hit sometimes(?); Fix

Minor incidents where scratch marks have not appeared when they should; Possible Fix

If a window is directly next to a generator, Cruel Limits doesn't block the vault quickly enough to stop you from using the vault right after finishing a generator; Possible Fix

Cruel Limits/Surge could do with a range buff to perhaps 28/30 meters

With Mindbreaker active, after 50% of the generator is fixed, the visual exhaustion status effect disappears or the timer resumes as normal, however with no visual exhaustion effect, if a survivor continues to finish the generator beyond 50% or to completion, the persist effect of having to wait 1/2/3 seconds after stopping the action is not visible since exhaustion has disappeared from status effects on the right already which can lead to confusion; Fix

Occasionally, when sealing portals, the oblivious status effect can randomly persist despite not sealing or being in contact with a portal, this is not removed until you re-apply and then meet the conditions to remove it again; Fix

When sealing a portal the Demogorgon is emerging from, any other portal a survivor seals will constantly play the failed skill check animation but still proceed with sealing progress; Fix

Perhaps intended, but the Demogorgon can fly for a short distance if shredding from an elevated platform such as hills, making it easy to negate nearby low-level debris and similarly consisted loops

Shred should count as an offensive action for the perks Save the Best for Last and Play With Your Food

Of the Abyss could drain proportionally to the distance traversed in one traversal.

Replacing portals may be a useful change

For every token in Dying Light, the obsession should also lose percentages of their bonus to healing and saving survivors.

Errors occur occasionally when exiting out of a game, in a party and alone which take you back to the main menu (hence also removing everyone from a party)

Perhaps invite timers should be a bit longer

Undetectable should be applied to Ghostface's Night Shroud, Wraith's Invisibility and Pig's Crouching since they all apply the same effect


  • KabuKabu Member Posts: 926

    Shred should not count against save the best for last for two reasons: shred is not effected by the reduced cooldown and shred is not a nornal attack. Pig's ambush is the same way.

    Freddy was given undetectable as well as Demogorgon. Other stealth killers will receive this status effect in future patches.

    In case you're wondering, this is not speculative as the devs have stated the above in other threads.

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