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I lost track of the topic

I was looking through the forum and found were someone was talking about Legion and how "Oh they are just supposed to be angry Teens. There power makes sense being so weak." Pretty sure that was a [BAD WORD] post, I hope, but felt the need to add this from the dev on another forum where "1 vs 1 is unfair" was being talked about.

"It's definitely not meant to be fair. At that point, the survivors have failed to finish the generators and failed to find the hatch first. The EGC is meant to end the game at that point, not give you a 50/50 chance of escaping. If anything, it would be unfair to the killer to give the survivor an even chance at escaping after they've beaten the survivor multiple times by that point."

I feel like alot of people forget that this game is asymmetrical. The Killer is supposed to be stronger than a single Survivor.... hell is expected to contend with 4 at the same time. Before you put "Oh AnOtHeR KiLlEr MaIn WaNtiNg SuRv NeRfS" .... wow that hurt to type... anyway before you put something like that, I'm not saying that. I just feel the community have forgotten that and how hard it is to balance the game as a whole. Hell I had one guy arguing The Entity didn't buff the Killers at all other than giving them powers.

I feel like Legion's hard nerf is a good example of that. Was the exploit good? HELL NO. I hated that with a passion and never used it. But crippling Killers (Or calling for nerfs) cause there is no "Counter Play" or that "When it's 1 vs. 1 you lose" or even "If the Killer comes after you there is nothing you can do unless they get distracted." is just silly. You are supposed to use your skill at looping and/or hiding to get away. Not SB away and laugh as the killer then has a 4 second stun or loses half there power cause they hit you with an m1 or loses ALL of the power AND gets the stun for missing.

I know I ranted a bit, but I just hope someone got something good out of this.


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