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Dead by Daylight Memes

Nutty_ProfessorNutty_Professor Member Posts: 116

So on my day off I decided to create some DBD memes, inspired by some of the games I played, although I'm a survivor main, so the memes will be more relevant to survivor.


  • CyroCyro Member Posts: 62

    That last one happened to me a couple days ago, ran the Hag around for a good 5 minutes while Kate hid behind a tree the entire time waiting for me to die for an easy hatch.

    You better believed I walked to her location and set the Hag on her.

  • Nutty_ProfessorNutty_Professor Member Posts: 116

    Had to be Kate camping the hatch (4:10):

    I had a similar experience, I record my game play and I timed it that I was being chased by the killer for twenty minutes. During the chase I was wondering why the last gen hasn't popped, I find out when I'm downed and on my first hook. One Claudette is crouching around bushes, whilst the other is searching the chest in the basement. "Nice to see the killers time I'm wasting is getting put to good use." Make matters worse those Claudette's were red ranks.

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