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"Host Unreachable"

Latin_Kidd92Latin_Kidd92 Member Posts: 205

So i finally decided to say something. Ever since the Ghost Face DLC, I've been getting a "Host Unreachable" error 50% of the time as survivor, I NEVER had that problem before that patch. I've tried opening ports but problem still persists.


  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 7,213

    I've gotten it too a lot on Xbox.

    I think it's just a case of the matchmaking taking too long and crapping itself. Or maybe the game was about to put you into a lobby but the killer left just before.

  • Latin_Kidd92Latin_Kidd92 Member Posts: 205

    Im just hoping Dedicated Servers fixes it, thats why i haven't reported it till now

  • JiggleWiggleJiggleWiggle Member Posts: 296

    Playing on ps4 i can assure you that this happens after every second game or so.

  • Mystaria13Mystaria13 Member Posts: 405

    Yeah I used to never get these notifs but since the new Freddy or maybe even since ghostface, I've been getting them a lot but I'd happily continue dealing with it if you'd fix the bugs where the game dc's you and you lose everything including 2 pips for no reason. We really love the new content but we need some quality of gaming fixes too guys! Dead hard still doesn't work over half the time even if you hit it way early and the past couple weeks I've noticed that even when using an exhaustion perk like lithe, that I'm not faster than the killer anymore and I get hit like I didn't even use it because they catch up to me even while I have my sprint burst which is ridiculous and hit boxes seem worse not better and everyone knows you can fix them but they are left and I get hit 4+ pallet lengths away with good ping... The busted hit boxes are being abused just like players abused the sprint burst bug and y'all fixed that immediately because it affected the killer but can we get a fix too? It's already been a year waiting for a fix since they broke with the update.. 🤔 sry guys I wasn't trying go on a rant... smh 😂

  • lindechenelindechene Member Posts: 69

    Today after the Stranger things update I keep getting this Host unreachable error message telling me to check my NAT settings almost on every try to find a game as both survivor and killer.

    My NAT type is 2 and I have not encountered any issues with other online games.


    pre chapter update I was able to play some game as killer with reasonable queue times. I was not able to find a game as survivor within 10 minutes of waiting.

    Now today

    I was sitting in a lobby as survivor with two other solo survivors and one killer waiting certainly longer than five minutes until finally a 4th survivor was added by matchmaking.

    I thought ok let's try killer next.

    I sat as killer in the lobby with probably with three survivors. After waiting longer than estimated 5 minutes for a 4th surivor they all left together.

    A solo survior joined the lobby and then left again after some minutes.

    After that I tried to switch between survivor and killer to figure out which have the faster queue times.

    After some time at the connecting screen I now keep getting that host unreachable error message.

    In over an hour of waiting, switching between survivor and killer queues I was just able to play one game.


    1) Why is that host unreachable error triggered so frequently now?

    2) Why are there 5-10 minutes queue times on both killer and surivor side?

    3) Are dedicated servers implemented and not working as intended?

    4) Are the games still hosted by other players?

    What exactly is going on with the PS4 matchmaking?

  • tricksterLoki_tricksterLoki_ Member Posts: 4
    edited September 2019

    Hello, i m from Brazil and also from ps4, and i m having this same issue! host unreachable. I hope it will be fixed soon, because I am not the only one suffering from it here. I bought the game a few weeks ago and since before the Stranger Things patch arrived, I had this host error, but since the release I have had several problems all the time and today, 9/19, I could not play. this is frustrating. I have already filed a complaint, I am quite angry about it.

  • Latin_Kidd92Latin_Kidd92 Member Posts: 205

    Im hoping with dedicated servers it will get fixed, which is maybe next month or so

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