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The new changes of low graphics are horrible



  • ProfoundEndingProfoundEnding Member Posts: 2,253

    @Peanits can you comment on this? Please don't tell me these changes are here to stay.

  • IronKnight55IronKnight55 Member Posts: 2,075

    That's kinda hilarious, lol!! I do hope it gets fixed, though. Won't be playing until they do... 😣

  • Chewy102Chewy102 Member Posts: 522

    Low graphics are suppose to be horrible quality. That's the point of having graphic options, lower/raise the quality in order to run the game on weaker/stronger hardware.

    It isn't the devs fault if people want to abuse that system in order to gain an advantage.

    If you don't have a good PC, deal with it or save cash for an upgrade.

    If you do have a good PC, deal with it or up your settings and stop trying to get an advantage on everyone else for free.

  • daggersnightdaggersnight Member Posts: 106

    I can't play this game on anything but low graphics because the frame rate just tanks. The game looks horrible now. Every characters hair is so horrible. I don't know what to do.

  • MedicSpirit7MedicSpirit7 Member Posts: 675

    Honestly the hair doesn’t look bad at all on spirit on ps4 especially her newest outfit kimono hair looks so much better

  • blue4zionblue4zion Member Posts: 2,389

    Spirit's hair is really wack now, but I do have to say the more recent cosmetic for her (forget the name) new hair looks really good.

  • IronKnight55IronKnight55 Member Posts: 2,075
    edited September 2019

    I hope they fix it. I paid 10 dollars for the newest outfit for Nea (the one with the skateboard) and now it looks horrid... Her hair looks much thinner and the little strands of hair on her forehead are gone (it makes her forehead look huge). Every hair looks bad and needs fixed. I already uninstalled the game. Might play again if they fix it. I'm honestly furious right now.

  • Chewy102Chewy102 Member Posts: 522

    That is what lower settings are suppose to be used for. People who can't afford a higher end PC. Lower settings allows game devs to sell their games to more people. More money for the devs/publisher, more players for a community, and maybe a longer life or more content for the game itself.

    But lower graphic settings are also used by players with higher end PCs in order to gain an advantage. Giving more FPS isn't what Im talking about either. Look at the OPs post for examples.

    Longer view distance, red stain/scratch marks easier to see, less shadows, less grasses/bushes, and what not ALL give an advantage. One that people abuse to hell in most every game possible. In Ultra, a Killer could maybe miss someone in a bush or have the fog/darkness hide them. In low, the Killer could almost never miss someone trying to hide. Survivors stick out like a sore thumb in lower settings giving Killers who run on low settings (but have a good PC anyway) a slightly unfair advantage.

    Survivors also can gain an advantage. The red stain being easier to see is one hell of a thing for looping the Killer. And with lower settings they can see the Killer in the distance better as well. Even stealth or hard to see Killers can't really hide that well in low settings.

    Hell. Lower settings in DbD is a small fry compared to other games that had settings abuse. Planetside 2, before it got patched you could adjust the settings to remove ALL SMOKE! Smoke grenades, rocket trails, anything that was put in place to block your view was removed. People would spam smoke grenades all over the build and clean it out when everyone but them was blinded by smoke. But as it was an ini setting, it was a legal exploit that nearly ruined the game. Can't ban someone for changing their options settings.

    Low settings are needed. Not saying they aren't. But I am saying that low settings are just as abused as everything else and Im a little bitter about exploit abuse. Legal or not.

  • DocOctoberDocOctober Member Posts: 2,230

    I used to be able to run this game on Ultra at 60fps. Then the engine update came and Medium was the best I could do to keep 60fps. Then several other "optimisation" patches came and Low is the best now.

    I suggest keeping this in mind as well. I would love to run it at Ultra again.

  • GardeniaGardenia Member Posts: 1,143

    @Patricia please let them know to keep things for amd graphics cards the same I can finally see my textures again they aren't rendering as if they're far away anymore. Whatever you did with that, don't fix what's not broken lol

  • grayon444grayon444 Member Posts: 754

    As a Claudette main, i'm disgusted with how there are little streak of hairs growing out from her real hair.Please revert.

  • PatBrutalPatBrutal Dev, Community Manager Posts: 566

    @Gardenia You don't see the weird blurry/pixalated hair that people see in low resolution with a amd graphic card ?

  • saminationsamination Member Posts: 310

    Sweet! Dead By Daylight is coming to Sega Genesis!

  • Angelicus23Angelicus23 Member Posts: 2,460

    Omg thank you so much, but the real thing I would ask for is not only these graphics reverted, better add advanced video settings like any other game in the world

  • HuntarHuntar Member Posts: 836

    Is there any way that you can make it so players on low settings no longer get the known gameplay advantages, or so people on high settings also get them? I think people would be understanding of things being ugly if they didn't feel like they would be hurting themselves by turning their settings up.

  • FacelessFaceless Member Posts: 120

    I had a rendering problem since the legion patch and this new patch has been fixed. The game is rendering but the hair is still.

    I personally don't care, at least the game is rendering the textures

  • Captain_SpauldingCaptain_Spaulding Member Posts: 587

    I've been playing on the high settings this whole time without knowing about this. I set it to low and holy cow. I can see EVERYTHING. How the hell has this not been patched yet? Seeing the red stain through walls is a freaking godsend and seeing people crouch across the map. Holy. Jeezus. I feel like I'm cheating but now I assume literally everyone is doing it.

  • Angelicus23Angelicus23 Member Posts: 2,460

    I noticed this when I saw noob3 using low graphics after legion path

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 2,529

    Or, you know, you could give us some basic graphic settings, like texture, AA, shadows, hair, light, etc etc. Settings you have in every modern game nowadays, even competetive ones like Dbd. So everyone can customise according to their needs, preference, computer. That way I can have generally low settings, while still having decently looking hair.

  • justarandyjustarandy Member Posts: 1,711

    I can confirm.

    I used to play DbD in 2016 with my laptop at 100% resolution fullscreen (17" big screen with 1080p) and medium and 60+fps.

    And now after several engine updates and "optimisations" I'm hardly hitting constant 40 fps. The big joke: I'm playing on low and had to switch to windowed mode and have to make the actual window very small via steam launch settings. The size of the game window is now just 1100x600.

  • RowhoRowho Member Posts: 5

    Is there a way to make this game look better in the ini files? This looks worse than any game in my collection. No point having a solid rig if it has been coded for a $299 budget pc from best buy.

  • 8obot1c8obot1c Member Posts: 1,129

    Quentin was already ugly why did they make him even uglier?

  • IronKnight55IronKnight55 Member Posts: 2,075
    edited September 2019

    Yeah, the hair looks soooooo bad now. I'm hoping it gets fixed on PC and Consoles.

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