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Giveaway Winners Declared / Mods please help!

KhalednazariKhalednazari Member Posts: 1,429
edited September 2019 in General Discussions

I think it's time to giveaway some Exclusive Dead By Daylight Skins that I have. It'll be a random giveaway. Sadly, it's for Steam / PC players only. I know that sucks, but I play on console myself.

I have Street Meg + Science Fair Claudette, I have Chuckles and I have Dweard. Tell me why do you love Dead By Daylight? The best answers according to me wins.

P.S : There will be 4 winners. The skin you get will be random. Good luck! Thanks.

Edit : Giveaway ends 9am PST on 19th September. Participate before the time ends.

Winners :

Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway.

I, personally, went through all the responses in this thread. It was fun to read everybody's reasons on why they love this amazing game called Dead By Daylight. After reading all the responses, I learnt that there's one thing in common and that is the love for the development team, the game's characters, the friendships people have built and the role of the community in helping eachother that keeps us together despite our differences in opinions. With this, I would like to say that it was really tough to choose from so many responses. It doesn't matter if you win or don't, you're always getting a lot of invaluable experience with this game, and like me, you can always give back to the community in your own unique way.

So, without further ado, the winners, in no particular order are the the following :





Congratulations to all the winners!!

Please note that the skins you will be rewarded will be randomly chosen by me. Let me figure out a way to give y'all the codes. But it'd be easier and would make sense if a mod or a CM helped me inbox the codes to you guys directly on the forums.

@Peanits @MandyTalk @Gay Myers (Luzi)@Not_Best_Impressed @not_Queen @Patricia

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  • BlueFangBlueFang Member Posts: 1,374

    I think the simplest reason I like DBD is that it fills the monster game slot that I've always wanted

    At it's absolute in chase gameplay both succeeding and failing at mindgames is a ton of fun. When you got two players constantly predicting each other just based on movement, and playstyle each hit or miss feels like they have actual weight and when you escape or down the survivor it feels great

    DBD isn't quite unique, this style of gameplay has been done before in games such as Evolve or Depth. But despite it all DBD has become without a doubt the most successful of them all and for good reason

    I still want Wofman DLC

  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 12,322

    Well then, because the theme of the game

    Being 2 different horror genres at the same time like outlast 2 is amazing

    The other reason is you can play like a survivalist, and choose how to play the role you chose

    Each of the killers change how the match feels

    Doctor creating a physiological horror, while GhostFace and Michael create a Normal horror vibe

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,112

    Not an entry but I love Dead By Daylight because I love avoiding killers, getting chased by killers and chasing survivors, although I don’t majorly care about winning, it is very satisfying.

    I love customizing my characters, I love using a killers power to win (Trapper and Leatherface for me), I love playing with my friends that I’ve met through the forums. I love all the perks I can play around with. I like those games where you just barely manage to win, I love snowballing teams and I love getting a lot of bp from a match.

  • GroxiverdeGroxiverde Member Posts: 767

    I'm in love with Dead by Daylight because I love assymetrical games. I liked Evolve, I like Friday the 3th, etc..

    I just find super interesting how 1 side has all the power while the other side is more numerous but have much less power, unless they teamwork.

    I also love how maps change every game, every tile is placed differently, and that's what makes this game unique, you never know what to expect.

    Also because of Bubba.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,573

    It's nothing like other games in my library.

    It's also my first, and only, multiplayer-only game.

    And nowadays, i love stalking around as Wraith, actually using cover to sneak up to them, going "PEEKABOO! HERE'S MY BING BONG!" on unsuspecting Survivors, and removing either half or all of the chases thanks to the VERY easy first hit.

    ("All of the chases", because Exposed stuff is so good on him, especially Make Your Choice.)

  • KhalednazariKhalednazari Member Posts: 1,429

    I love the responses so far. Keep them coming!

  • SpringeySpringey Member Posts: 260

    I fell in love with it after a friend showed me the game, she explained it a bit complicated but I got into it. It's like a game always needed in my life but never actually knew about. The original characters are interesting, especially Kate, and the killers also have unique abilities.

    I also love that they try to bring more iconic characters from horror movies or similar, also that they try to listen to the community and even try to rework Quentins face for example.

    The stranger things dlc also was my favorite so far, the theme is so nice, it also fits DbD too.

    Also I'm excited for the upcoming archives because of the stories they will tell us and those, hopefully lore related, cosmetics.

    But to get to the point, I really like Dead by daylight for trying to bring icons, new dlcs and everything else into the game. Also I made quite a few friends by playing this. (Also loving the memes)

  • PolarBearPolarBear Member Posts: 1,899

    Why I love dbd is because it's a one of a kind game. I think dbd out of all asymmetrical games I know of, has the best balance, roster and devs.

    If any dev/mod/cm wanders here I just wanna say thanks for keeping this game alive for at least another 4+ years.

  • I love dead by daylight because I got to know my closest best friend ever thru that game. She Introduced me to the game and I absolutely loved it. Whenever one of us was down, we would talk it out, and when we're done, we be like "wanna play dbd XD" and it'd just be so fun, sadly she rarely comes online now due to school but we still talk all the time. This game gave me lots of memories :)

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

    I love Dead by Daylight for the incessant bi-partisan politics that it breeds on the Steam Discussions and official forums! Message board shitposting is a huge hobby of mine and nothing quite scratches the spot like Dead by Daylight.

    Imagine, even while you're on the hook and dying you can just Alt-Tab and do a quick shitpost here to entertain yourself while you wait!

    What other game can entertain you like that?

  • AntiJellyAntiJelly Member Posts: 1,107

    I love dbd because it's like no other game out there.

    There really isn't any asymmetrical game with as much depth or variation as DBD.

    I can slash people with Freddy and teleport around with Nurse or SUPER lunge at people with Demodingus etc etc.

    Along the past two and a half years I've accumulated 1.6k hours and I've got many of my friends into the game as well, because playing with friends makes it even more fun.

    I remember way back in 2017 when I mained myers and the game kinda sucked for killers, but I would still have so much fun sneakin around and stabbin people. Then late 2017 was like peak toxicity for DbD and I had to take a couple months break.

    I came back around the time the emblem system launched, and that was neat and all but the huge update drought from January to May 2018 was kinda sucky. And the horror of the Howling Grounds event...I still have flashbacks.

    And then Clown came out and everything was great! No more pallet vacuums oh my! And then the Spirit update brought the new Wraith and longer healing! But, then we had Legion. We don't talk about Legion.

    And so, Plague and the EGC came out and Legion got nerfed into the ground and all was well. Ghostface had the worst PTB reception to date, and now he's an oddball Killer with inconsistent mechanics. Then the long awaited Freddy Rework came and THAT was super awesome, as a long time Freddy main.

    And so, that brings us to now. Stranger Things and a much better menu flow and soon-to-be dedicated servers. DbD is a very unique game with dedicated players and devs, and I'm glad to be part of the community.

    I think we've all done a pretty good job so far.

  • ToxicboiiToxicboii Member Posts: 428

    I love dbd because of... Well everything.

    The "snap" of the bear trap.

    Standing still as spirit and tricking the survivors.

    Scaring people out of their seats as jumpscare myers.

    Obtaining a perk you really wanted.

    And above all: what might be my most satisfying thing that can happen...

    Is to get all meta perks, to finally play whoever I want as survivor.

    This game is filled with feels, and I love the rush of adrenaline as i escape just barely.

    The fear factor as I am unaware of the killer, and always being tense thanks to the music.

    And as always: I love the designs of the killers. And the imagination going into them... Most of had less than others if you know what I mean, but I still play them sometimes.

  • justarandyjustarandy Member Posts: 1,711

    I love dbd because Dwight exists. He is the best memer ever.

    Also, all the mindgames you can do is what kept me playing with the unique design of the game. I'm still playing after 3k hours.

  • KrustyNuggetsKrustyNuggets Member Posts: 23

    I love DBD because I have made many good friends in the 2 years I have played. I started as a solo player and then just started talking to people in the game lobby and it's taken off from there. I have so many great relationships now in my life due to this game. I have a blast with my friends even after 2,200 hours of playing this game. The horror aspect of it brought me in. The gameplay, friendships and continued support and new content coming to this game keeps me in. Not to mention it's a blast to stream it, even if you only have 1 viewer! I'll forever be thankful and grateful for the friends I have made thanks to this game!

  • MonsterInMyMindMonsterInMyMind Member Posts: 2,167
    edited September 2019

    The reason i love dead by daylight and it may come off really cheesy.

    The reasons i love this game are simple I've made a ton of ever lasting friendships that have not only improved me as a person but they have also helped me through a lot of bad things that have happened the reason i love this game for me meeting these awesome people is because the game is how i met them we all met through a game that we honestly enjoy we all have our bad days with it and that's fine.

    Another reason i love this game is well there's no other game like it anywhere it's a unique take on a horror survival game where you either ruthlessly hunt survivors down or you work together to try to escape granted there are flaws out there but we all keep playing for the same reason deep down through all the complaints we still love the game.

    Another reason to love this game is the dead by daylight community really does stick together through thick and thin Killer or Survivor we stick together sure we may have different opinions we may sometimes bump heads along the way but we all still have the same thing in common we love the game.

    The last thing i love about this game is i finally found a game that i can call home and still wake up every day ready to play.

  • HellCatJaneHellCatJane Member Posts: 698

    My reason is as follows and the rest just expands on it.

    I love Dead By Daylight because of the variety. It's very diverse with multiple layers if you will, and you have a lot of personal choices you can make and there are no "rules", so to speak.

    What started me playing was twitch. I found someone playing the game and became very interested from there. The fact that there is one "killer" and the scary factor, made it intriguing. And with watching them play survivor, I got to see the "Co-op" aspect of the game. And that coupled with the altruism (hook saves/healing) or working on objective (generators). You can choose either or, or mix of both to do. And of course chases, which also allows your teammates to work on generators or heal themselves. By having a long/decent chase you by your teammates time. Time is very valuable in life as well. By making a choice, you are working as a team or unit towards a goal, to survive.

    But see that is just in general. Like the top of layer of this game. I've since learned you can make your own "rules". There is no set of rules to this game. And that goes for both survivor or killer. Sure you can try to survive, but you can also use "perks", collect steam achievements, maybe it's getting a "long" chase which is relative, or just getting "stacks" (BBQ and WGLF) etc. Maybe your "win" is to see your other teammates escape, whether or not you die, as survivor. Maybe a "win" for you as killer, is just hooking everyone twice, or just enough for BBQ stacks. You make up your own rules. You decide what is a win or lose. Maybe there isn't even a thing as win or lose to you. It's all just personal preference. Sure you have a "game" objective, that is going on, but more than that you get to choose what is your "real" goal? What is YOUR "win"? The game can't get stale or old to me because of this.

    You also have psychology going on with "killer vs survivor" mentality. By playing both sides and really getting to learn each, I've gained more respect and understanding of what my "enemy" and "allies" are going through. You see different types of people in this game and different play-styles. A lot in endgame chat. You can see people having fun and joking around laughing, and also some that take things personally or are considered "toxic". I like to think this game helps "build" character. You can learn from mistakes, and also work on communication. Like personally I like having fun and I like other people to have fun as well, I like to communicate any sympathy and encouragement I can in hopes that others will be calmer and take things less personally. I like spreading "good karma". Even if you are 'pitted' against one another, you can still throw some "GG's" and have fun playing with others. And the community as a whole, I think is the same. In the end, mistakes or not, win or lose, it's just one big, "GG's!" and onto the next one! :)

    This is why I love playing Dead By Daylight! :)

  • yoyoyoyoyoyo Member Posts: 45

    I love DbD because, in my opinion, its the best game of this type out there, it has a lot of potential and it seems like the developers care a lot about improving it and adding a lot new more features ( especially the new Rift/ Archives which I'm very excited about) in the upcoming years, while also interacting a lot with the community.

    I can't believe I'm still having fun after spending over 2700 hours on this game, especially with the frustrating moments that we are all familiar with and have stumbled upon. One time when I was thinking about leaving the game, I just joined a competitive team where I've made new friends and had a lot of fun in the competitive community, playing tournaments, scrims, and meeting and befriending members of other teams. But unfortunately, the devs said they want to move away from exclusives codes as tournament prizes right as my debut, still though, we've managed to gather up a few tournaments wins and 2nd places, which, even without prizes, have been very fun to play in!

  • MemberBerryMemberBerry Member Posts: 394

    I love DBD because, despite it's many issues, it's the only true survival game that managed to bring so much licensed content. Myers, Freddy, Ghostface etc. are all some of the most famous slashers ever, and the fact that they're playable for like 5$ each is what truly makes this game shine for me. Of course, originals are amazing too, but licensed content is what truly brought people here. I should know, Myers brought me to this game.

  • AustinAustin Member Posts: 38

    Honestly, from the first time I seen the game in beta my immediate thoughts were, "This looks fantastic and I want it." And I did, I bought the game ~1 month after release and believe it or not I played 6 hours and I was like, "This game sucks and Killers are OP". I quit, but something always lingered around about the game and it drew me back in January 2017. From then, everything was just so much fun. From running from the killers, to chasing survivors through the very very fantastic Blood Lodge with about 63 Pallets; I was just having the most fun I've had in a game ever. Since then I've accumulated over 3.5k hours(across multiple accounts) as each match I get into is just a different experience. Whether I play the "OP" Leatherface or just sit back and bing my bong as Philip; it's just a genuine experience each time I launch the game and it satisfies me that there is no game that is quite like this. Dead by Daylight just feels fantastic to me, even though the game does have it's issues from time to time.

  • TheBeanTheBean Member Posts: 2,320
    edited September 2019

    I love Dead By Daylight because of the toxicity and emotional rollercoaster it puts you in as a player.

    In the beginning, when learning how to play, there was a horror and fear factor when running around as a survivor. Trying to understand how the killer is attempting to hit and hook you. Playing mind games and out juking yourself cause the other player didn't outsmart you. Survivors running around like greased-up piglets, trying to catch them and thinking you got one until they slipped through your grasp. The game has the ability to generate raging when losing and winning. Even to this day, after more than 3 years, it still can give you that moment of rage, which can make for an exciting match.

    Nothing is more enjoyable than making your first flashlight save, helping everyone escape a nasty killer player, your first 4K using an ivory mori and the best, when catching that last survivor as they are inches from escaping.

    Although some may complain about how the community ruins DBD, I personally think the community enhances the game. What is more fun then sniping into your favourite streamer's lobby and have them camp you on the hook. Having "discussions" on the forums only to see those players join your killer lobby later.

    I've enjoyed watching how the game and the developer evolve from the earlier stages, and it will be fun to see how they will continue to evolve in the future.

    Nothing is more enjoyable in Dead By Daylight, until one of those rage inducing moments, when you've realized that you just got BHVR'd.

    Thanks Dead By Daylight.

    P.S. I still love you. You dirty pig.

    EDIT: Fixing some spelling mistakes.

    Post edited by TheBean on
  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,511

    Probably the fact that the game shows you a wide range of people.

    Yes, there are toxic scumbags, but there are also a lot of kind, goodheartrd people that you meet in game or via post game chat.

    The salt never affects me, but whenever someone messages a "gg" or starts a positive conversation, it reminds me that not everyone is a horrible person, and that we all have good and bad days.

    Even some of the salt messages turn into niceties after a little explanation. I love turning a "thanks for farming me" into a new friend.

  • lynelmanelynelmane Member Posts: 549

    I love Dead By Daylight because how different each match is. I never get bored with this game. Theres an infinite number of combinations of killers, survivors, perks, and maps, so you can never be too sure what might happen.

    It's not that difficult to learn, and once you get the hang of it, it's really quite fun. Especially with all the jokes and memes about it, I make them to myself while playing. It's a great game :)

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 3,650
    edited September 2019

    I love DBD because it gives me the opportunity to:

    -Capture human prey in bear traps.

    -Sneak up and attack unsuspecting victims whilst totally invisible.

    -Chase people as fast as I can with a chainsaw.

    -Strangle nominated patients and caress their lifeless face.

    -Throw a hatchet in to the spine of my enemy.

    -Stab a foe through the back with a katana blade.

    -Stalk my obsession before killing them brutally.

    -Terrify others with a mud phantasm of myself.

    -Prepare a person to be the meat in BBQ or Chilli.

    -Administer electric shock therapy on a damned soul.

    -Lacerate a sleeping victim in their most horrific nightmare.

    -Fix a homemade piece of headwear on to chosen subject which will tear their face apart.

    -Throw intoxicating substances over an individual before slicing their finger off.

    -Frantically chase anyone in the nearby area with a dirty knife.

    -Vomit over someome and infect them with a cruel condition.

    -Mark a group of friends for death and take them out one at a time.

    -Move through a mysterious dark hole before eating an unlucky specimen's head.

    -Hang all that I find on a hook to be sacrificed to an higher power.

    I can do all this on a daily basis...and not feel at all bad about it.

    Thanks Dead By Daylight! 😄

  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 2,235

    I love dead by daylight for many reasons.

    First, I love spooking people. That's why Myers is my main (I actually haven't seen Halloween. I'm not even a big fan of horror movies :P). It's especially entertaining when someone misses a skillcheck and runs away, since it looks like they got scared so much they blew up the gen (if only that was how that actually worked).

    I also enjoy the gameplay in general. Other fully online games like TF2 never really appealed to me, but something about DBD is really enjoyable. Perhaps it's the wide variety of playstyles.

    I like speculating what new characters could be added in the future. It's kinda like Smash in that regard, except there's also the possibility of fully original characters with unique and interesting abilities.

    It's also a fun game to play with friends. Dark Souls got old, but this game remains fresh with new content added regularly.

    Believe it or not, I really enjoy the community. Sure, some people are toxic, and that's pretty much unavoidable. Even so, this community has done a lot of amazing things and I'm proud to be a part of it.

  • The one thing that I love about this game is that despite being in the gaming world for a long time, Dead By Daylight still maintains the horror aspect, and gets the adrenaline rushing with every new chapter release. It's exciting to play new characters, with different powers, different perks, making it interesting and breaking out of the basic monotony of this game.

  • alecksalecks Member Posts: 8

    The reason I love dbd so much is because no matter how tilted I may get at something in the game, I can always find something else in it to laugh about. I can laugh about all the bugs and dumb stuff because I just really enjoy the game overall, regardless. I love the designs of a lot of the killers, and being able to just fly through the map as Nurse is the most fun thing ever to me, but if I get bored of that, I have an even longer list of other interesting killers that I can play, or I can even switch to survivor where I can mess around and have fun with my teammates, and enjoy the variety of seeing different killers. I love that the game is kept up-to-date as much as possible, and I love how fun the game is with my friends by my side.

  • KhalednazariKhalednazari Member Posts: 1,429

    Loving the responses. Go for it!

  • Angelicus23Angelicus23 Member Posts: 2,464


    Yep that's my entry

  • Angelicus23Angelicus23 Member Posts: 2,464

    Does that even count as an entry? 😂 I can write the bible about why do I love dbd xD

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