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Killers, do ANY of you play without BBQ? (IF you have it)

RiseausRiseaus Member Posts: 27
edited September 2019 in General Discussions

To all Killers out there, do you ever play Killer without BBQ? I understand many people either won't have it or don't care about points, but this question is directed at people who have it unlocked on the Killer they are playing, need bloodpoints and choose NOT to use it. If you're one of those people, WHY do you not use it?

I simply cannot play without it purely for the double bloodpoints every game lol.. It sucks when there's so many better perks to put in that slot but I just cannot bring myself to remove it.



  • Angelicus23Angelicus23 Member Posts: 1,258

    I don't use it as spirit and nurse, I want to be "more fair" unless it's x2 bloodpoints event and sometimes when I use a sjrvivor puddin.

  • TheUnendingNightmareTheUnendingNightmare Member Posts: 1,172

    Hag: I...see...you...then...hihihi...put traps...ALL around you... :3

  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 4,105

    Whenever I am not running BBQ it's more of a result of myself lacking room in my perk set up than anything else.

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,768

    I play without BBQ on most killers. Very few imho actually can benefit from the information and able to actually use it quickly so other then if I am farming BP I usually play different perks.

    Nurse, Spirit, Huntress, and Billy are the only killers I ever use it on anymore. It's good on Freddy as well, but it's still just ok imho.

  • ClintonClinton Member Posts: 220

    100% I like my BP too much

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 9,493

    Always have it on, i love them Auras.

  • I will stop using bbq when i have everyone to p3-50 with all perks unlocked (sooo in 2-3 years)

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 2,229

    I've tried playing without it... I lose all motivation to hook survivors. Without the double bloodpoints, I get this feeling like, "What's the point?" and I just kinda stop playing in the middle of the match or I'll slug everyone. Either way, it's a bad game for everyone when I don't have BBQ.

    I wish I didn't have to have it equipped so I could try out more perk builds, that would be my reason for not using it, but alas.

  • RiseausRiseaus Member Posts: 27

    Very good points you make.

    @Angelicus23, you could always look at the ground for 4 seconds after hooking someone so it's not unfair but still get the bloodpoints :D!

    @Peasant I wish I could do that, BBQ is actually great on some killers for its vision, but most killers there's way more better perks I could be using.

  • Ark_the_BonsaiArk_the_Bonsai Member Posts: 862

    BBQ is a must. Why would I ever want less bloodpoints in a game that's already obsessed with punishing me for playing it half the time?

  • RiseausRiseaus Member Posts: 27

    Haha yeah I get that, for me if I get all 4 people hooked once = games a win for me lol. Without it I play completely different..

  • DonnieTheZombieDonnieTheZombie Member Posts: 229

    Nah man. If i have it ill use it no matter what. Free bp? Yup.

    The auras are cool too i guess xD

  • RellewdRellewd Member Posts: 117

    yes I play without it, why you ask i only read what i could searching discussions, legacy hillbilly main here, if you what to talk about whatever on the topic message back here imma book mark it......

  • daggersnightdaggersnight Member Posts: 23

    I played the game for over a year without BBQ because I didn't want to buy Leatherface. I got use to predicting where survivors would be based on gen placement and other factors. For certain killers I do use it if they have a high mobility (such as Billy, Nurse, Spirit) but for the most part I replace BBQ with another perk that better suits the killer I am playing. Blood points are nice but I keep maxing them out without BBQ anyway.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 9,493

    Well B&C doesn't help you max out stuff, it just doubles the total amount on the scoreboard.

  • MemberBerryMemberBerry Member Posts: 394

    I only use it if I truly have nothing better to use.

  • Predator3174PLPredator3174PL Member Posts: 262

    I'm using it only when I want to farm BP fast

  • OkapiOkapi Member Posts: 627
    edited September 2019

    Yes. It gets boring using the same perks over and over again. Not that not using BBQ doesn't screw me over game wise and in terms of BP gain. It does. 😑

  • palotheaspalotheas Member Posts: 98

    I usually use it but when I feel like I want to actually have a good game as a killer without mobility, I'll switch it out for like bitter murmur or spies. Or maybe just a perk build that requires all 4 slots to be super niche, like huntress lullaby, overcharge, sloppy butcher and thanataphobia on legion to really slow down gens.

  • TheUnendingNightmareTheUnendingNightmare Member Posts: 1,172

    Well maybe I just like it bc I unlocked it only recently on my Hag xD kinda useful to know where to lure ppl. (I'm in red ranks well before the reset haven't got time to play)

  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 673

    Thrilling Tremors replaced BBQ for me the moment it was released. Similar info, fewer counters, and a lil bit of gen protection.

  • SeekerOfSoulsSeekerOfSouls Member Posts: 34
    edited September 2019

    I play for BPs over kills 90% of the time. BBQ gives me more incentive to leave hooks and farm to maximize BPs.

    God Tier perk for me at least.

  • RiseausRiseaus Member Posts: 27

    I agree, I don't care if survivors escape even I get to hook each one of them once and get good points lol.

  • WeckWeck Member Posts: 2,957

    I only not use on 2 conditions.

    - It's not unlocked on the killer I'm playing.

    - I already unlocked every perk on everyone. (This one might not be a factor for a while...XD)

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,420

    I ONLY run BBQ because of the 2X bloodpoints, I wouldn’t use it otherwise. Sure the aura reading is nice but there are other perks I’d use. The 2X bloodpoints are too good to give up so I run BBQ on all my killers.

  • RellewdRellewd Member Posts: 117
    edited September 2019

    makes sense i hope, in my case i hope you can realize as i do, not that you asked.....ummmm, I JUST PLAY HILLBILLY...lol i own all perks, own in the sense, yes i bought them, take my money.... i will fight for you dbd......shrine works for 250k bp or something, i never play survivor...i guess i got about 30hrs survivor, rest killing, i got loading times, spectating times, kicked times, lobby times, all 30hrs in them times count, i find people that find that hard to believe, but to balance the game, balance..... imma stop there on this note.....balance in a game dnt me poo to me but i can empathize with the people that have reasons, so like many said and i will push this agenda, sort of like american politics, damn hippies the old hippes like my mom's, still think people have a voice, but the people my mom's generation accomplish which i believe to a extent they did, them same people now which are many and few are in a certain position of power, dem"caugh" liber"caugh" faze me non, i live in my own world i got the good psycho traits i think terminology is fun but bites a ass 1nc or twice.......i babble no more and forgot my point i was getting to, until i post comment and read it to edit....but my point is nonexistent, although insight is read "red" in these lines,,,,edit time.... sure we still of a edit time frame, thoughts to text, tastey........dbd love screw this i said agenda and off the rails i went and i stopped reading, point is i am with the ones saying DEVS ask us to help balance and i will speak up more, I CAN ONLY HELP BALANCE HILLBILLY I AM TOO DAMN STRONG FLAT OUT I NEED TO BE NICE....

  • TheRockstarKnightTheRockstarKnight Member Posts: 1,206

    I'm using it until I get all the bloody masks/faces that I want and all perks on all the characters I play regularly.

    Unfortunately for me that'll probably be most of this game's lifespan since I play somewhat infrequently and they keep adding content.

    It's a shame too. I usually have more fun running builds without BBQ and the aura reading almost never does anything for me that just using my eyes and brain couldn't.

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