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Changes that should've been done to LEGION



  • phantasmalphantasmal Member Posts: 125

    Fixed distance is also kind of exploitable. Like if the killer ever tried to be sneaky and use TR removing perks or got DW on a naturally sneaky killer (from BT vs like T1 Myers) then you could use DW to tell if they are close, kinda like a survivor version of Whispers.

    So like which is the more severely exploitable version?

    2v1 vs Legion is already kinda like that, 15s turns into 30, 45, etc. Legion can keep going back and forth, alternating between tagging the remaining survivors.

    An interesting thing to point out: being afflicted with DW is not 100% negative as it hides you from Killer Instinct.

    Swf would def have leagues easier time grouping up, that's for sure. But that's a problem that needs to be tackled with base game tweaks

    Hard to tell what would be fun without being able to test it. Only thing we an do is keep spitballing ideas, it's up to BHVR to make tweaks and allow us to test stuff, if they feel so inclined.

  • NullSp3cNullSp3c Member Posts: 357

    That is very unfun to play against. Survivors will basically surrender when you kill the second guy, because those situations are too hell anoying.

    The fixed range can be used as a tracking tool, like a whispers. Deep wounds was supposed to down survivors but it was too good like it was before. So a tracking tool isn't bad at all is basically a whispers, this way, it's the same for survivors - if they see the timer pause, it's because legion is coming.

    Yeah, I completely agree with you in the last topic. Maybe you're right, maybe i'm right - only playing will tell. As you said, they should do more frequent tweaks tho, to test out what is good or bad.

    It's the right path but with spaghetti code any idea will take ages to program for some of them to be just thrown away if they are bad/unhealthy. I think that it will be better with dedicated servers... maybe?

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 617

    I want him to speed up in action speed and movement speed every time he hits a different survivor (also terror radius increase with it) until that Feral Frenzy is over.

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