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Solo mode

I would like a solo mode so it is possible to test stuff when friends are unavailable.

It wouldn't even have to give BP or anything.

The ability to test different perks and builds alone would prevent you [BAD WORD] up with ppl matches bc you wanted to see how well "Dead hard" would work for you even tho you are an immersed player.

See what I mean ?


  • PeasantPeasant Member Posts: 4,105

    Yeah, I'd love an offline mode as well. It's a real shame Dead by Daylight doesn't have one.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 3,924
    edited September 2019

    They have the technology since there is a tutorial with simple AI.

  • DxDen1004DxDen1004 Member Posts: 14

    I recently thought about this, since it would be great for new players to explore the maps and learn them, as I am trying to do with the new Underground complex. Unfortunately It's not possible, I think it might be possible to use a software to rip the maps and models out of DirectX and explore them in a 3d editing program, not easy nor practical anyway.

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