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trap self disarming them selfs

GeorgieTGeorgieT Member Posts: 30
edited September 2019 in The Trapper


trapper bear trap self disarming

ok so im playing the trapper on the jigsaw map and i notice that my traps was going off i thought it survivors popping them but in chase i watched one survivor walk over it and it pop was delayed. then after get all survivors down in the basement i noticed the sound in the distance of trap being disarmed which is impossible because all 4 survivor where on the floor or on the hook


  • Nameless_Ghoul_Nameless_Ghoul_ Member Posts: 34
    edited September 2019

    I just saw trap pop right in front of me. No survivor in sight.


  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 11,980

    I'm also seeing the same thing myself. I'm wondering if it's just a graphical glitch where the animation for the trap being shut is hella delayed for some reason, or if the Bear Traps really are bugged to just randomly auto-shut.

  • GayMyersGayMyers Member Posts: 5

    I think I have been experiencing something similar. A survivor will disarm my trap and I will get a loud failed skill notification. I will not actually hear the sound of the trap snapping shut until I get close however. From far the aura of the trap still indicates that the trap is armed. I hope this get addressed soon as it really throws off my game.

  • GeorgieTGeorgieT Member Posts: 30

    @TAG well considering when i was chasing someone when it happend and they run over it and it didn't catch them it would appear this is not graphic glitch, i have also walked over a shut trap and did not get stunned so yea this is unfortunate bug for trapper

  • PeenutsButt3rPeenutsButt3r Member Posts: 695
    edited September 2019
  • pejiipejii Member Posts: 79

    seems like a new bug introduced by the upside down patch, whenever a survivor disarms your trap, only the survivors hear and see the animation/sound of the disarmed trap.

    the killer only hears a failed skill check notification.

    the killer sees the aura and the trap status as set for as long as he is not near the trap.

    as soon as the killer gets into a certain distance from the trap (dunno how far, but I expect its your terror radius) the animation of disarming the trap starts to play (as if the survivor has just started disarming your trap right in front of your eye)

    • have not tested this yet, but I think if you were to use addons to increse the disarm time of the traps, you might actually be able to get on top of your disarmed trap and watch the entire animation with your bare eye.
  • GeorgieTGeorgieT Member Posts: 30

    could be the arua bug but then why is sound delayed has well, it makes it look like traps are just disarming them selfs

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