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The Last Of Us - Chapter idea [Licensed]

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Hello! So this is a new account I made specifically for my ideas on content for the game. Keep in mind this is my first one so If anything is silly please don’t hate me too much :P

if you like anything or have opinions on changes for this chapter, please comment!

this chapter is based on the video game series I’m sure most of you are familiar with, the last of us.


Killer- The Clicker

They lived a normal life, everyday was the same experience. A rather boring and depressing field. Life was tough, expenses were high, the streets were filthy, and the crimes often unacted upon. Nobody asked for this.

On a typical average morning, on the busy road full of traffic due to the high population transporting to their works.

The sky was grey as usual, the people were frowning which was normal, and everyone felt guilty for no reason at all. Again, normal. But, they all felt fear.

Which was, unusual.

People were dying.

People were running.

Cars were crashing.

People were screaming.

The children were crying.

“I was in my vehicle driving to work whenever a truck stormed past with the driver laying on the wheel, blood splattered on the windshield. The people, covered in blood, with rotten flesh and the absolutely disturbing holes and scars around their faces and bodies. This is the end.” 

- Unknown Reporter

No one was left in sight.

A man however, and a teenage girl, ventured onward on search for tools and food, whenever he heard a familiar clicking sound in the distance...

ABILITY- The Rest Unknown.

The rest unknown is The Clicker’s ability. It is a multi powered ability meaning it has more than one use.

  1. It Listens.

It Listens is one of the two divided abilities in the rest unknown. 

  • It Listens allows The Clicker to go into a full hunting stance. Nearby walking or running survivors have their auras revealed to you within a limited meter range. The survivors will get a notification shortly before the ability activates. The other feature of this is that when using It Listens you are granted the Undetectable status effect, silencing your terror radius and removing your red stain. It Listens can be used for 3 seconds and then has a cool down of 10 seconds.While listening, you may not hit survivors, you must first exit the stance.

  1. Forensic Leap

  • Forensic Leap allows The Clicker to catch its prey more easily. Pressing the ability buttonmakes The Clickerspring upward and land on survivors. Forensic Leap can hop over some pallets and tiles. Hitting a survivor with Forensic Leap puts them into the Hemorrhage status effect, and with specific add-ons, Exhaustion, Mangled, Broken, and even Oblivious. A successful leap will cost one health state on hit player.



Teachable The Clicker perk on level 30+


It may be unable to see, but I assure you, it knows you’re there.

After a survivor heals themself or gets healed, both the healed the survivor and the healers have their aura revealed to you for 4/6/8 seconds.


Teachable The Clicker perk on level 35+


Sounds of chests being searched are 15/25% louder 

The Last Of Them

Teachable The Clicker perk on level 40+


Your desire to kill urges you to kill every last one.

Once a successful sacrifice is performed, The Last Of Them gains a token up to a maximum of 3 tokens.

Each token increases Vaulting, Damaging, Breaking, Hooking, Searching, and Movement speed by 2/3/5%

Once the killer has 3 tokens, the final survivor suffers the Exposed status effect and the killer may kill them by their own hand.


Dead Mouse, Rotten Finger, Clicker Tooth, 


Increases It Listens recovery speed

Cat Tail, Ginger Hair, Bloodshot Eyeball


Increases the range of aura reading with It Listens

Human Liver, Broken Silencer


Decreases recovery time from missed/hit Forensic Leap attacks


Torn Vocal Cord


Survivors no longer receive notifications when activating It Listens. Increases Movement Speed when activating with It Listens. Slightly decreases base movement speed.

Joel’s 3x Scope


Can see the landing location when charging Forensic Leap. 

Summer Toys Water Gun


Moderately increases It Listens use timer. Gains the ability to hit survivors while listening. Moderately increases It Listens recharge time.


Dead Rat (Rare)


Successful hits with Forensic Leap apply the Broken status effect 

Venomous Veins (Uncommon)


Successful hits with Forensic Leap apply the Mangled status effect

Shredded Backpack (Very Rare)


Successful hits with Forensic Leap apply the Oblivious status effect for 5 seconds

Cracked Locket (Very Rare)


Successful hits with Forensic Leap apply the Exhausted status effect for 10 seconds. Exhaustion may not be recovered while running.

New Survivor - Ellie

“Sure, life was hard, but Ellie looked past that. Ellie is a survivor we found fending herself from the infected. She is quite the impatient one, and doesn’t like going with the protocol of being quarantined. Truly the feisty one. I’ll update you later.” 

Ellie is the most determinedperson her friends have ever seen. A stereotypical rebellious and ignorant teenager. Ellie lived without a care in the world. She and her friend, Joel have survived in the apocalypse. She found herself in a center for the non-infected, where she and her companion were safe from the outbreak happening in the outside world. She learned a lesson surviving for her life, and she has changed to be a slight bit more responsible and careful, as Joel taught her well. One day, a child accidentally has triggered one of the doors in a careless play session with his little friends. These children, who have never saw the outdoors, were astonished and decided to go outside despite what the guards taught them. An alarm sounded, and it was quite noticeable. The one alarm that was probably the scariest. The alarm notifying the survivors in the building that the world outside, has been exposed. Ellie noticed Joel spring up and go see the issue. He had to save the children. All of the families panicking, the adults holding back the tears to keep their young ones calm. Ellie saw all of the people that have lost hope. She saw all of the clueless children. She saw herself, and asked herself who she would be known as once she was dead. All of her thoughts quickly stopped as she remembered that Joel ran outside for the children. She ran outside, into the hoard unarmed to save the man who kept her safe and parented her over the years, when a sharp sting appeared in her arm. She fell to the floor, and started to lose consciousness. Her back against the brick wall of an abandoned schoolhouse, her bottom drenched in blood. All of the walkers and the survivors running for their life. She felt helpless. Hopeless. The infected and the people started fading out until she saw fog circling her, and the ground moistening, more than it already was with the blood. She woke up to realize she was laying on a forest floor with crunchy leaves and tough dirt. She let them down. They’re all probably dead. And Joel, she flamed herself, blaming herself for what happened. Then, she heard screams in the distance. There are people. Like the determined girl she is, she got up heroically and prepared herself to redo everything and be a hero again. That is when she heard a very familiar sound of clicking, deep in the fog.


Close Call

Teachable Ellie perk on level 30+


You take advantage of any opportunity given to you.

After dropping a pallet, start sprinting at 150% of your normal running speed for a maximum of 3 seconds is not already exhausted.

Causes the Exhausted status effect for 60/50/40seconds

We're not murderers. We just survive.


Just A Scratch

Teachable Ellie perk on level 35+

Once being healed past the injured state, Just A Scratch activates.

WHILE vaulting a window or pallet, being hit while injured inflicts the Deep Wound status effect instead of going into the dying state.

Once a use of Just A Scratch has been successfully performed, you must heal again past the injured state and wait a cooldown of 100 secondsto activate it again. (I know this one seems really overpowered but I thought this was a really cool idea and this is as fair I can make it)

After all we've been through. Everything that I've done. It can't be for nothing. 

- Ellie

The Last Of Us

Teachable Ellie perk on level 40+

You understand that you and your three friends might be the last ones alive, so you persuade everyone into trying harder.

For each survivor in a 10/20/35 meter range than you, The Last Of Us gains a token. For each token you and all of your teammates gain a 10% speed boost for repairing, unhooking, searching, healing, and sabotaging.

Once a survivor leaves The Last Of Us’s range, the perk loses a token that will be re-earned if they come back into the perk’s radius.

Everyone I have cared for has either died, or left me. Everyone—[BAD WORD] except for you! - Ellie

Thank you for reading my chapter idea :)

That’s really all I have to say lol

Please give comments telling me how you liked this idea and/or give me feedback on the perks/ abilities and things I could fix!


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