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Rank system messed up

caitcatbarcaitcatbar Member Posts: 3

I'm rank 17 as killer and I keep getting matched with survivors ranks 10 and under. I like a challenge of course but I feel the better ranked players take the fun out of the game for me.


  • ImKaytieImKaytie Member Posts: 2

    The same thing happened to me today, i'm rank 20 and just got a rank 4 and 11 in my lobby? It makes me just want to play survivor because its not fun at all when you literally cant even hit the people. The game before that i got two rank 12's and two 14s? I wanted to get into being killer but its next to impossible.

  • lol i feel bad for you killers, I played all day against rank 15-20 with my swf team and it was really fun.

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