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Mindbreaker buff

Change the numbers of Mindbreaker from 1/2/3 seconds of exhaustion to 3/4/5. 1 second of exhaustion is nonexistent, and can very easily be ignored. Also, I believe that at any point a Survivor works on a generators progression, not just under 50%, they should suffer from the exhaustion.


  • @G0lden_Ra1den If this were to occur, it would make sprint burst useless while working on a dangerous gen, meaning a gen that isn't close to any pallets or jungle gyms.

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    I think the perk would be better if it wasn't limited to under 50% but still crap since the 3 seconds are barely noticeable. It might be more noticeable at the end of the match but it would still only be useful on stealth Killers since 3 seconds is [BAD WORD].

    Increasing the time to 6 seconds max would be better as it gives the Killer more time to reach the Survivor who is walking away because that is the problem. The Survivor can let go of the Gen and just start walking away and hide nearby and they get their ability back before you even come close to arriving. So if it was 6 seconds at max then every Killer will have time to reach them before their exhaustion runs out BUT it still ONLY effects Sprint Burst in that occasion. Dead Hard requires you to be injured and when you get injured you get a burst of speed giving you time to walk away those last seconds. The same goes for all the other perks so overall this perk may not be salvageable.

    One suggestion I saw for Mindbreaker was change it to a totem that gives them Exhaustion for as long as it's up. So maybe when they've been working on a Generator for 9/6/3 seconds they become Exhausted until the totem is broken.

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