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The Next Licensed Killer!



  • JustAFeelingJustAFeeling Member Posts: 324

    I would have to say something right.

    How about Chucky orginal part 2 with some part 3 cosmetics

  • JFrenchJFrench Member Posts: 1

    Weird suggestion for a killer but I would love to see Jack Torrence from the shinning

  • ThePoltergeist714ThePoltergeist714 Member Posts: 32

    Have you guys thought about adding an urban legend killer/mythical creature to the game?? For example:

    So, basically as "The Cropsey" you're a killer with a "hook" as a main weapon. As a power not so sure what he can have considering hes a mental patient who goes after children.

    As "The Wendigo" what I am thinking is that he can start off as a human killer who has to collect blood/flesh off survivors inorder to take a final form as a Wendigo kind of like how The Oni plays.

    As "The Dullahan" he has a spine as the main weapon. He has no head, and at some point he spawns a horse as his power and rides it for a sertain period of time and can swing his weapon while riding.

    As "The Banshee" for her main weapon Im not sure of what can possibly be used, but defenitly as a power she can scream/shriek very loud to the point where it stuns the survivor and have chance to attack. Which in my opinion you guys can make her sound extremly terrifying.

  • MaievhMaievh Member Posts: 57

    Any Supernatural monster and Dean as survivor

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