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What do you guys think of The Demogorgon's add-ons ?

From what I've played/read on the wiki, the commons,uncomonns and rares all seem pretty good, same with the Ultras, but the very rares seem super lackluster.

The whistle seems ok, it's very situational, but it's good when it works (you teleport to a portal that's currently being worked on, that's also it's only purpose)

The mushrooms had the potential to be cool, but then I read up that they increase the undetectable time by 1 second lol (the green version increases it by 0.5 second). That seems really [BAD WORD] weak. I was sure it'd be like 1.5 seconds for the rare one, 3 seconds for the very rare (and then 6 seconds for the ultra once it comes out)

The Upside Down Resin also seems lackluster, I don't think it ever made me make it in time to a portal that would otherwise be destroyed, but I don't know the numbers, so I can't confirm.

The Unkown Egg is also a joke imo, it decreases the cooldown by 2.5 seconds, which is ... nothing considering that the base recovery time is 14 seconds. If it were up to me I'd make it 5 seconds.

What are your experiences with his add-ons ? Im very curious


  • Hex_StalkHex_Stalk Member Posts: 314

    I find myself doing better with the add-ons that decrease the missed lunge cooldown. It really helps to close the distance.

  • ReddRedd Member Posts: 826

    Once again a lot of the bad ones are bad bc the numbers are too low.

  • BigWeeWeeBigWeeWee Member Posts: 50

    I think when using the Leprose Lichen (see injured survivors in upside down) it should also unlock the ability to look around freely while travelling through the upside down, when I use it I never manage to see survivors often.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 6,262

    Almost all of them are extremely lackluster. His best ones are probably just the lunge cooldown reductions.

    Seeing injured survivors during his travel would be nice if you could move your camera during it, but alas you can't which leaves it meh.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 3,618

    The only really powerful one is being added to basekit, while the extra portals and extra speed are nice. Haven't tried the cooldown reduction ones though.

  • Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 482
    edited September 2019

    They are pretty straight forward. Only very few are kinda unique and the rest is just classic: "decrease this, increase that, give status effect, etc."

  • TheGorgonTheGorgon Member Posts: 655

    Underrated. Mew's Guts, Eleven's Soda, Unknown Egg, Deer Lung, Lichen, Rotten Pumpkin are all really good add-ons that much of the community still hasn't come to realization. I honestly think that these will be the defining factors in which he plays high tier, or mid tier. The add-on boosts really do increase how oppressive he can get.

  • WitasWitas Member Posts: 372

    I guess they are for some people, but not for me. I literally said in the post that they are all good and strong, Im just concerned about all the rarer addons being trash again, they're supposed to be strong and/or change up the gameplay but it seems developers are scared YET AGAIN. (cough cough Legion,Pig. His base kit is awesome, but both his perks and addons seem bad, which takes away over half the fun for me ...

  • purplerainpurplerain Member Posts: 92

    no suprise here . they try with all recent killers make them balance around base kit and give them weak addons , and not only weak but also boring addons that dont even change game play like myers or doctor addons

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,005

    Gameplay changer would be nice. Like "you cannot teleport but your portals reveal auras". But that would somehow not be the Demogorgon anymore. Which would not be a problem for me, I haven't seen the series yet :P

    @Witas you are a bit qick with your numbers :) Just think about it. 9 seconds until you can teleport again? And the teleport takes 3 seconds at max. Opening gates and sealing portals both takes 16 seconds I think. And you pop around the map every 12 seconds.

    Is it confirmed already what the pounce ultra rare does? Would be sad if they add just another known effect, only stronger. Would be the chance to bring in something new. Like The aura reading or "inactive portals trigger killer instinct as well"

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