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Hex Totem Spawns Are Okay

I see many people complaining about Hex totem spawns. I frequently see killers say they're too easy to find and subsequently cleanse. I also see many survivors say they're too hard to find and cleanse.

This confuses me as somebody who plays both sides fairly equally - isn't this the entire point of totems?

Totems provide an incredibly strong benefit, with the risk that they won't last. For example, Ruin slows down generator progress immensely and can win the killer the match if it lasts. However, when gaining such a power, you do it with the risk that the totem can be cleansed. Some matches it will last and provide the strong benefit and others it won't and will be a wasted perk slot. Hex perks should (and are) high-risk-high-reward.

If my point is unclear I'm saying that when you actively choose to equip a Hex perk, you do so with the knowledge that you might get a poor spawn. Equally, you might get a brilliantly hidden spawn. Totems are not designed to be invulnerable and making every spawn for totems hidden takes away the point of them being risky to run. On a map, there should be an equal mix between 'good' and 'bad' spawns. Therefore, when you run a Hex perk you end up in two possible situations:

  • Good spawn: You were fortunate and have to spend minimal effort protecting your totem while survivors waste time looking for it and you receive a strong ability.
  • Bad spawn: You were unfortunate and have to actively defend your totem to keep it or accept it will likely be destroyed quickly.

Ideally, you will get a 50/50 split of matches where Hex perks work out for you and don't. Of course, theoretical probability doesn't translate into how frequent actual probabilities work out so you may get a series of matches where your totems get cleansed quickly repeatedly (as killer) or you can't find the totems to cleanse (as survivor). This doesn't mean that all totem spawns on every map need reworked though.

I think the true problem lies in the survivor objectives as this debate usually centers around Hex: Ruin and its ability to slow the game down. What needs reassessed and reworked is the survivor goals and generators, not Hex totems.


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