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More Original Characters, Am I Alone?



  • JustAFeelingJustAFeeling Member Posts: 324

    I'm going to be honest Resident Evil is popular for some reason but it's not scary, Silent Hill is.

  • JustAFeelingJustAFeeling Member Posts: 324

    I mean I'd like to see my favorite slasher come to this game , but others have hopes to XD

  • PumpkinKingPumpkinKing Member Posts: 118

    "I don't think the person are people who've made these threads should try to discourage others from licensed chapter's"

    Hi OP here, and that's not what I am doing. So maybe don't put words into people's mouths. I agree with many people so far, such as the licensing ones having to dish out constant money. That's not something I have the luxury to afford at the moment (even with how cheap it can get, and it's really great that you can and will get all DLC, congrats) whereas originals can be bought with shards which I could use at the moment to get almost 4 characters worth.

    But also LcGaster brings up an amazing point, one that killed the Friday the 13th game. Licensing won't last forever. The more they keep adding the more potential of running into problems in the future. I literally know nothing about this process and would hope BHVR has got all that secured for a long time. But taking into account how Friday the 13th was handled you just can't be too sure anymore and that's a scary thought that could happen to this game (probably won't because bhvr is awesome).

    And as I stated before, lisenced dlc is great and fun but maybe don't release 3-4 chapters in a row that are just that. Mix it up a bit more.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 3,092

    I much prefer original killers over franchise ones.

  • JustAFeelingJustAFeeling Member Posts: 324
    edited September 2019

    Pinhead doesn't attack people directly? hmmm are you sure about that maybe not with his hands

    I don't see they could make the others work

  • Bravo0413Bravo0413 Member Posts: 3,398

    Not at all fam.

  • TKTKTKTK Member Posts: 667

    More originals please, I do not care if movie related killers are in the game, original killers are far more interesting concepts. I just wish the original killers they have now got more love like clown, legion, trapper and wraith.

  • Micheal_MyersMicheal_Myers Member Posts: 1,036

    I crave fan made or original characters.

    Tbh, I hope they make "The Teacher"

    or they make "The Scarecrow"

    Would be pretty cool..

  • JustAFeelingJustAFeeling Member Posts: 324

    I didn't say I can afford it did I. I just said I buy all the DLC's original and licensed, I'm not sure what's your point. Mathieu Cõte said this literally our game so I merely support it, if you play fortnite I don't just as example the game is free but you have to pay for new skins and vbucks and no one complains about that, robolx has tons of content that people buy on a regular basis no one's complaining about giving them money plus the Left 4 Dead DLC was completely free and if we're just getting a paragraph that means it's a way cheaper to buy DLC. I'm a console player and you have to pay to play, no ones complaining about that. This is like I said just one of those threads where you don't want a specific person to have something just have that feeling, also you said you have shards to pay for four characters when the originals start coming back sounds to me like you're set. I think you should just appreciate what we have going I'm not a super fan of the originals but I find myself playing those characters the most plus I'm either a Jeff Main or Jake main I can't decide yet and like someone said you barely even see people playing characters like Trapper my matches usually are Ghostface,Myers, Freddy,Leatherface Spirit, Huntress,Wraith,Nurse,Hag I rarely ever see Clown into play.

    Survivor side Laurie, there's always a Ash ,Bill, Tapp, multiple Quinton mains and pretty much the entire survivor roster, If they added Kyle from child's play you're going to see her alot

    I'm pretty sure they no what there doing business wise so it's not your concern are mine's.

  • Pugpablo123Pugpablo123 Member Posts: 115

    I would prefer more unlicensed characters, as these usually have more thought put into them and are more original than just copying ideas from the movie. Also, they do not cost money, and can be bought with bloodpoints.

  • JustAFeelingJustAFeeling Member Posts: 324
    edited September 2019

    Please go change your avatar

    Well tbh if the scarecrow can take control of the crows then that would be really cool

    Then again how the hell is weak ass scarecrow going to carry someone and why is a scarecrow is even alive

  • ApeOfMazorApeOfMazor Member Posts: 471

    Honestly if you only want original characters cause you can get them free that just tells the devs to do more licensed. And by now people have probably saved 18k shards or more for the characters

  • PumpkinKingPumpkinKing Member Posts: 118

    That's not the main reason. I said because of the lore and stories that they come up with for every individual. It is very interesting. Things like the last halloween event that added a bunch of interesting story elements to the game.

  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 3,172

    I love the lore of original characters, plus more choices for a main and more cosmetic variety.

  • OkapiOkapi Member Posts: 648

    Original chapters are fine and all but there are so many famous horror franchises still left to add to this crazy crossover:

    • IT
    • Hellraiser
    • Ring
    • Phantasm
    • Alien
    • Resident Evil
    • Silent Hill
    • Conjuring
    • Walking Dead
    • Child's Play
    • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    • Supernatural
    • Five Nights at Freddy's
    • Candyman
    • Outlast
    • Universal Classic Monsters
    • F.E.A.R.
    • Dead Space
    • Puppet Master
    • The Grudge
    • Scream
    • The X-Files
    • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  • PumpkinKingPumpkinKing Member Posts: 118

    I mean the list is basically endless. There's so much out there for them to use.

  • bhaiterabhaibhaiterabhai Member Posts: 2

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  • GhostofYharnamGhostofYharnam Member Posts: 597

    I want to see survivors from other time periods besides the modern era. Why can't we have an ancient greek or egyptian or someone from the civil war.

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