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The Legion, worth it?



  • LCGasterLCGaster Member Posts: 3,154
    edited September 2019

    The Legion can be bought with shards, since it's an original character

    Is it worth the purchase? No, not right now

    Legion is in a "momentary" state, when released they were broken if you used certain strategies and add-ons. They will get a rework one day but it may take a while before that happens

    Their power is boring, hardly worth using, survivors if 10 meters away from you can avoid your power all together by running in a straight line

    Back in the days Legion had problems, those needed to be fixed, but Jesus Christ, they took too much from them

    If you have shards to spare then sure, buy them, but it isn't all that worth it

    (Now, of course you can succeed as Legion, but you will probably not have fun doing so)

  • OldHunterLightOldHunterLight Member Posts: 3,000

    Legion is really damn good at making bp, just get bbq, don't forget about it, I like using legion but he is weak at red ranks

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,083

    I'm a green rank killer right now, and outside of survivors stunning you with pallets or breaking you out of your power one way or another, I find Legion to be fun. When they break you out of your power it's rather frustrating though. That said, injuring 4 survivors is a good feeling, and if you walk right up on them with FF, you can still hit a survivor with your basic attack after the stun as long as they're not near a pallet. It's good for BP as well. Definitely better on smaller maps though.

  • DecarcassorDecarcassor Member Posts: 651

    The Legion are in a weird state right now. They are not as bad as some players say, but they certainly do have issues.

    Feral Frenzy is now purely a stalling/detection tool. Its usefull... But its not really what you'd expect of the Legion concept as a group of murderous teenagers. And the ability to vault is allmost pointless. You vault slower than the survivors and you lose a lot of your vision in frenzy, so vaulting a pallet or window actualy gives survivors a great opportunity to evade you. There is also no point in vaulting after a wounded survivor, since you can't down anybody in frenzy.

    The other issue is their add-ons. If you look into the actual numbers instead of the slightly/moderatly/significantly/tremendously useless and LYING descriptors, you realize they are barely worth using except thoses that increase the Killer Instinct detection range.

  • HozhHozh Member Posts: 84

    Well after all of these bad reviews I guess Ill buy it just for fun then, it might be useful when the rank resets i guess, Ima keep Lvl up GF

  • DBDbuildsYTDBDbuildsYT Member Posts: 1,042

    Legion is pretty decent in blood points BUT it is a weak killer with no power.

    But they look great

    Source : hundreds of hours on legion

  • HozhHozh Member Posts: 84

    are we going to get any sort of re-work just like freddy? I believe Legion's idea is too original to just forget about it

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    For me legion is big fun. I'm a masochist though.

  • AlmoAlmo Member, Dev Posts: 1,120

    Yes, Legion is a delaying Killer. Pig is similar: her head traps are not designed to kill people. They are designed to waste their time while trying to avoid getting killed by them. Legion's update is similar: we gave them more tools to be able to get Deep Wound on multiple Survivors so they waste time mending. For example Legion can now cover 50m during one FF rather than the previous 31m; so it's easier to spot a new target after hitting the first.

    As mentioned elsewhere, we are aware of and are fixing the three broken addons (the pins). We are also monitoring performance to see if further stat adjustments are needed.

  • RedactedVirusRedactedVirus Member Posts: 1

    Is it worth to purchase?

    I think so, jeff is also a fun survivor

    Is it really that bad?

    not as bad as people like to make it out, but he definitely takes more skill to use effectively then other killer since he relies on mindgames a bit more

    How good is at collecting BP?

    Stellar I have had 100k games before

    I usually feel closer to unseen or unheard killers like GF, The Whrait or the PIG but The Legion is very fast and can multi hit which I believe can be a lot of fun.

    It can be lots of fun brother they are really cool and tbh they feel faster than other killers to me.

    Can it be purchased with diamonds?

    9000 big ones

  • ExerlinExerlin Member Posts: 1,217

    I run STBFL, BBQ, Fire Up, and Brutal Strength. I've been having a very good time with it, but you have to play very well for it to work. >30% pallet breaking speed is really useful, and the extra vault speed from fire up can come in handy

  • Alice_pbgAlice_pbg Member Posts: 5,066

    I like legion, it's fun. They have some amazing cosmetics. King/queen of farming (alongside doctor).

    I never played old legion, so I can't compare. But currently legion is not strong

  • LordziPLLordziPL Member Posts: 590

    You should buy the Legion for the perks. They are fun, but they are really underpowered. If you want to have fun or Bloodpoints and you don't give a f00ck who will escape, you should buy them.

    The Legion - 9000 Iridenscent Shards/500 Auric Cells

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,520
    edited September 2019

    Be happy, you would miss the adrenaline rush while you are chasing someone too much. It was almost addictive :).

  • RIP_LegionRIP_Legion Member Posts: 428

    As a Legion main I'd have to say, not yet, wait for the addon buffs at least. I enjoy him but others say he's boring (which I understand). You're entire purpose is to slow the game down as much as physically possible and grab easy downs along the way so I run this build (Ruin, Pop, Thana, Sloppy), early game you'll want to abandon bad chases and stick only if you know you'll get them quick and focus on getting everyone injured and then work from there. If everyone heals and starts stacking on gens, you frenzy. I don't bother running addons because all but a few are abysmal and I'd rather wait to use them when they're good. Be warned some giant maps like Gas Heaven will be near impossible to win on against a decent team, but on the Macmillan estate maps in particular you should be golden.

  • ExerlinExerlin Member Posts: 1,217

    Legion can spot new targets, but it's much harder to get chain hits than it was before. Good survivors will run away when they realize you're frenzying to them, and it's really hard to catch up to someone that does that within the 20 seconds you have. They could really use a buff to their speed so that they can actually catch up to people before the timer runs out

  • DrVeloxcityDrVeloxcity Member Posts: 300

    Jeff is a fun survivor to play as. His perks aren't meta, but they're all nice perks.

    Aftercare is easy to activate and will let you see auras of your teammates at any distance so long as you don't get hooked. Then the effect will be reset.

    Breakdown is great for getting rid of hooks in an area of making tunneling more difficult because of lack of hooks. It also makes body-blocking more successful and seeing a hook go down as a killer makes the area a very unsafe place to down a survivor in. It's an underrated perk.

    Distortion is great against aura reading perks like BBQ & Chili, A Nurse's Calling, etc. Its only downside is that there are only 3 tokens the entire match.

  • Mtom912Mtom912 Member Posts: 743
    edited September 2019

    Personally legion isn’t as bad, as how people have said they are, not great but not terrible, I’ve been playing them a lot at rank 1 trying to use all my survivor puddings and stuff once I P3, the most annoying thing about playing them is FPS and aim assist making you miss, which I think is more of a console problem, then getting stunned, but otherwise not terrible. Sometimes I might get bodied and get a 0k, sometimes I get a 4K and max bp, but generally I manage at least a 2k.

  • Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,398

    I suggest that you use shadowborn on Legion. Helps me when playing him/her.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 10,062
    edited September 2019

    If you think the play style looks fun, then yes.

    If you like winning, then no.

    He's just really bad and Discordance is his only decent perk, the others are trash.

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  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 4,020

    Hell no. Playing Legion is an absolute punishment.

    Only buy them if you enjoy watching survivors teabag you in the exit gates.

  • Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,398
  • Mtom912Mtom912 Member Posts: 743

    Thx for the suggestion, but I probably won’t use shadowborn much if at all, I got the typical ruin & bbq, then pop for the extra gen control, and enduring for a short stun out of frenzy if I get pallet stunned, and just shorter stuns in general in chases since I don’t respect pallets at all

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886
    edited September 2019

    Too much drama.

    Legion is only suffering if you are expecting 4ks every match, and Legion despite what this forum likes to say is fully capable of getting 4ks.

    Moreover, to the OP's question, Legion is great for getting blood points, it's easy to get 25k BP with Legion without getting a single kill.

    So can we please end the Legion drama club hysterics. It's unsightly.

  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 1,599

    Worth it? No. They attract bad/BMing killer players, and fosters BM from the survivors they face. Legion can be fun, but honestly those moments of fun just don't amount to much compared to the salt incarnate this character generates - and if some sad lil person comes along saying 'i drink the tears, the salt fuels me' or some other memishness, you've just gotten someone who outed themself as unworthy of your time and attention.

  • DecarcassorDecarcassor Member Posts: 651

    "As mentioned elsewhere, we are aware of and are fixing the three broken addons (the pins). We are also monitoring performance to see if further stat adjustments are needed."

    @Almo The pins need love for sure, but are you also considering the abyssmal numbers on most add-ons and the utter uselesness of Stab Wound Studies and Frank's Mix Tape in their current state ?

    Fuming Mix Tape is also one of thoses incredibly lackluster ultra rare and I'm pretty sure Iridescent Pin does not actually do what it says on the tin. Last time I checked it didn't appear to extend Killer Instinct or apply TR perks effects to the entire map, only the heartbeat.

  • CaretakerCaretaker Member Posts: 764

    No, he's not worth it. He's not good for stall, his perks aren't good, and the rework was a massive nerf, and nothing more. I'm currently rendering videos, and working on some other Legion stuff, and then I'll post a full reason why he's not worth it.

  • Horror_GamingHorror_Gaming Member Posts: 242
    edited September 2019

    Old legion concept was fun but hard to play against.

    New Legion concept is unfun to play and boring to go against.

    Legion is one of those killers that needs the Freddy Love.

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