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Enough is Enough, May We Please Get the Matchmaking Fixed?

Before I start I'd like to say I consider myself a hardcore DBD fan. I have over 400 hours in this game. I've spent countless dollars on cosmetics. I've defended it on the Steam forums. Hell I even bought a copy for a friend so I would have someone to play survivor with.

Long story short I'm not one to rage at the devs. That said this matchmaking bug is destroying any and all fun I have as a killer. As someone who plays with a Xbox gamepad on PC using medium graphic settings I'm without a doubt a casual player. I've never reached rank 1 and have no intention of getting there.

So why do I keep getting premade teams of red/purple rank Survivors running OoO? Just take a look at my last two matches:

They were not fun. For the one on the right I went AFK after I could only take so much humiliation.

Now imagine how the free to play killers are feeling after facing such groups? I doubt they'd want to buy the game after such torture sessions.

Please fix this bug! It kills all fun in this game.


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