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PC: New Map (Lab) Hooking Causes Crashes!!!

ReviloDBDReviloDBD Member Posts: 199

This has happened to me 3 Times already today, exact same issue each time, and it has been very frustrating to deal with given that I don't have all that much time to play DBD this week and was very excited to test the new content in this patch and farm some BP.

I have submitted Crash Reports for each occasion if I remember correctly.

I will be playing a match on the New Map (Stranger Things Lab) as KILLER.

I will be around 70-90% Complete with the match each time, usually only 1-2 more Survivors remaining.

I will go to HOOK a Survivor I had just picked up. (Different Hooks INCLUDING Basement Hook) As soon as Survivor is hooked my Game Crashes and I receive a Crash Report to Send...

After this I am unable to log into the game successfully unless I restart my entire Steam client, but then the game does work again.

This crash has lost me 3 of my Survivor Puddings as well as some really good power addons, a ton of Blood Points as each of the games I crashed in were going to be 4K's most definitely (multiple gens remaining with only 2 players left) and were good long games, and overall at least 1.5 if not 2 hours of my time today. On a day where I tried to only allow myself a little bit of time to play and enjoy the new DLC content I paid for, it was a huge disappointment and very frustrating to have to deal with this bug.

I don't know how, but I think it would be great if the company could reimburse us somehow for our negative experience, for those of us experiencing this crash, as it cannot possibly only be happening to me (I have never crashed in DBD before mid-game) and because it always seems to happen exactly while hooking a survivor on the new map.

One way they could make up for these technical difficulties would possibly be throwing another Bonus BP Event in the near future perhaps, I would prefer something more direct to me since I know I suffered from this experience, but at least if I could get some of my BP back that I lost in 2x event it would help me feel better in the end.

Hopefully this gets to the right people! Cheers, thank you for the assistance.


  • ReviloDBDReviloDBD Member Posts: 199

    My Bad Luck is Unforgiving!!

    I just had the same CRASH Happen again, this time on an Old Map, NOT the New map. Which means perhaps it is NOT a Map Related issue, this time it happened in the Hospital Map.

    AGAIN, I was using an Event Cake this time for Blood Point boost, I was having a GREAT Game where I was trending to get 4 Kills yet again (this Crash seems to ONLY Happen to me on Great matches because all my painful losses haven't crashed once yet so it's extra frustrating) and lost 2 amazing Addons along with it as well... That is a huge blood point loss probably over 100k in Total if I include the event cake and 4K match.

    It happens IMMEDIATELY during the HOOK Animation ... and yet again around 70% finished with the match with 2 survivors already dead.. that's when I hook the 3rd Survivor and the game instantly crashes. I have sent the Crash Report each time now, but between the fact that its a 5-10min Killer Que to play the game, and then every other great match I have I end up crashing and losing all of my items, this has been the least enjoyable DBD Experience for me (and most upsetting) since I began playing the game 300+ hours ago.

    Not once have I ever crashed before in DBD in my 300+ hours of played, but since this latest patch, I've managed to Crash 4 times in under 24 hours :(

    These killer crashes really feel bad... Please offer some sort of Reimbursement? :(

  • ReviloDBDReviloDBD Member Posts: 199

    Just Happened AGAIN, New Map again this time, LITERALLY Back to Back 2 Matches in a ROW... Again toward the end of match, AGAIN losing an Event Cake and Powerful Addons, etc.... Same thing, HOOKING someone on ANY random Hook near end of the match and INSTANT CRASH.

    Okay, I apologize for my anger coming from these posts but you have to understand me, the Killer's Job is to HOOK people, when a game mechanic that is absolutely necessary keeps on Crashing over and over again, it essentially makes the Game 100% Completely Unplayable.. which is why I am finished with playing Killer entirely until this Bug is Fixed because I honestly CANNOT handle this stress anymore of these constant crashes and losing time and bloodpoints etc (when all I am trying to do is level my newly purchased DLC Characters) ..so it makes me sad because Killer would be the best way to farm BP (and using event cakes like I have been) but unfortunately it is not possible to play Killer in the current state of the game anymore so I'm forced to farm BP slowly and play survivor :(

    Or idk maybe I'll just have to take a break from DBD until this gets fixed because this all turned out to be a huge waste of time on a busy week for me. I'm very disappointed, and all of this happening the day after I spend money to support the game by purchasing new DLC content.. sigh

  • deadlycastdeadlycast Member Posts: 45

    Same thing happened to me. 2 survivors dead as i hook another survivor I crash. 3 times it has happened to me. Each was on the older maps. I was playing freddy.I sent the bug report each time.

  • enfenf Member Posts: 1

    Same thing happened to me too. The Game crashes in the mid game when i am in the hook animation on different old maps.

    I was playing freddy with:


    Outdoor Rope/Paint Thinner

    I was sending the bug reports too.

  • inspieosinspieos Member Posts: 12

    It's not the map; it's Dying Light having 5+ stacks that's crashing.

  • ReviloDBDReviloDBD Member Posts: 199

    Yeah it's Dyling Light I guess, any word on if it's been fixed yet? Sort of waiting to play until it is..

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