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Rank update error

IISncRIIIISncRII Member Posts: 2

Cant rank after escape with survivor. 60 or more days why it still not fix?


  • GopherGopher Member Posts: 50

    4 months for me. Escape the match with items and addons. I lose all my items, addons, blood points and I de-pip. Really great way to play the damn game. Brought this to their attention at least a half dozen times and get the same old robotic response. The devs really have no clue whatsoever.

  • IISncRIIIISncRII Member Posts: 2
    edited September 2019

    still have same problem. no point to play game like this.

  • Eternal0088Eternal0088 Member Posts: 53


    Dude, July was the last update in the 'News' section about this. And there was apparently a fix on the way. What is going on?!

    Why are there 30 more skins in the store but no rank bug fix? You think the new player base coming in for Stranger Things are going to enjoy this? This is honest to God ridiculous.

    I'm going to make a new player guide for anyone looking to play this game;

    Don't buy, it's a broken mess and you'll be frustrated to all Hell with the company that NEVER updates their crap.

    End guide.

    Should look into how Grinding Gear Games does things. They're a free game. FREE. And they're still able to push out more updates. Probably because back when it wasn't that profitable they actually listened to their player and stayed on top of it. And now they've got people hooked. You could have this with DbD, honestly, it's an amazing idea but you need to listen. You need to stop pushing things like cosmetics and battle passes and fix the game. Fire the whole team that makes skins and hire a few more people to work on the coding and whatnot. Get it fixed. This is silly.

    It's not even a free game! Base game cost money. Basically every DLC has cost money. Like what the hell. Going back to Path of Exile, once again, they don't charge for their expansions. They just put them out there for people and then drop the MTX for anyone who wants to drop some coin to support them.

    I've had this ranked bug for a good long while. I've paid for the product. I've paid for several DLC. I want you guys to sort this out. As a paying customer you owe me that.

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 18,370

    @Eternal0088 The last update was actually in September on the PTB where a fix is being tested, as well as additional logging to help to resolve this issue. It's not an easy fix to implement - if it were it would have been done by now.

    And also, cosmetics etc are done by a totally different team than the ones that would be fixing this issue so it's irrelevant as to what cosmetics etc are being put into the game.


  • Eternal0088Eternal0088 Member Posts: 53

    Fire 99% of the cosmetic team. Hire more people to do fixes and make the game playable.

    After the game is actually running properly and you're able to generate and retain a player base, and therefore revenue, hire people to do cosmetics. Simple.

  • jayzukrijayzukri Member Posts: 5

    I have the same problem :( :( :(

  • VenoxxieVenoxxie Member Posts: 300

    I've only started getting this bug, well, today. I haven't played since rank reset this month... so it seems more like this bug started during the PTB. I see the one comment saying something about July's news section stating something about this. So either it happened in the PTB or the PTB made it worse. Whether it's an easy fix to implement or not things shouldn't get WORSE if you're trying to fix it.

    We don't need more DLC, we don't need more cosmetics, etc. We NEED moderators who get in touch with their REAL community and focus on making the game GOOD. Not a company who only cares for money, be different from other companies who make games and please fix annoying bugs like this.

  • BarlibBarlib Member Posts: 6

    The 3.2.0 hotfix will release today and there is not a single word about this issue. Srsly? I have had this problem for months already and they do nothing...

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