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Great Job On Stranger Things Chapter

I wanted to tak a moment away from all the criticism, change demands, buffs/nerfs etc to say that the Devs did an amazing job with everything related to the new chapter.

I've been playing as Demogorgon ever since live release and I must say that he is giving Huntress a run for her money as the most fun killer in the game. His skill-cap is ridiculously high (in a good way), that the initial teabaggers and griefers that plague this game have relatively ceased to exist vs me as Demogorgon. Once you learn techniques that allow you to be unpredictable and intimidaing, the matches you play as him, even against insanely hard survivor teams, are genuinely fun. The graphics on Nancy and Steve are great. The aesthetic of the Underground Complex is incredibley immersive. And the new perks are a lot of fun to use and combo with builds.

Great job, Behaviour! Thank you for an amazing addition to the game. I can't wait for the hotfix too 😉


  • FrostyFrosty Member Posts: 375

    I some what agree, but it's hard to give any praise with such a broken match making system that overshadows all the other aspects of this game.

    If at work I weld out a beautiful joint, but the equipment I've prepared it for is garbage, saying "at least the weld is nice" is just a statement, and doesn't mean the vessel becomes acceptable or praise worthy.

  • Onyx_BlueOnyx_Blue Member Posts: 1,060

    The matchmaking is in the process of being fixed. This community would do well to be positive with the stuff executed well 😇 the negative things are addressed more than enough to be spoke about as much as they are. The Devs keeps up as posted as possible on things that are changing, fixing, new etc that the community shouldn't forget to be grateful for a great and fun game.

  • Bigyo369Bigyo369 Member Posts: 78

    Totally agree, I really enjoy the game right now :)

  • AngryFluffyAngryFluffy Member Posts: 443
    edited September 2019

    I agree, this dlc is great. They did a good job on the character and map design and demogorgon is one of my most favourite killers to play as and play against!

    And I love them for bringing Steve's Scoops Ahoy uniform to the game!

  • StardustSpeedwayStardustSpeedway Member Posts: 867

    The new map is so incredibly detailed and full of atmosphere. I love it. And the demogorgon is terrifying. They did an outstanding job for this release for sure.

  • ToxicboiiToxicboii Member Posts: 431

    Pretty good job so far.

  • ApeOfMazorApeOfMazor Member Posts: 471

    They really put a lot of effort into this one. The Demigorgon sfx are pretty terrifying. The map is great from an aesthetic perspective too.

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 8,158

    But the matchmaking has nothing to do with the chapter. You can say what you like about the chapter and criticize matchmaking. It's not one or the other.

  • PantemicPantemic Member Posts: 25

    I def agree, the chapter itself is by far the best one they've released and the new map is my favourite by a mile. I actually went and watched Stranger things because of it :).

  • FrostyFrosty Member Posts: 375

    Yes, except for the fact that match making got horrible the same time the released the chapter. The link is indirect, but still there.

  • Onyx_BlueOnyx_Blue Member Posts: 1,060

    @Frosty There is always bugs when a new chapter is released. Doesn't mean you can't appreciate and enjoy the new content

  • The_ManletThe_Manlet Member Posts: 474

    He's fun but his portals are really underwhelming. So is Shred, but that should change soon. I really like the survivors, the perks and the map as well.

  • themirrortwinthemirrortwin Member Posts: 267

    I love the survivors! Nice cosmetic and game design. Demogorgon needs a little love, but I'll wait until the hot fix to see how he plays. I wish his perks were a bit stronger, but who knows what the future holds.

  • Onyx_BlueOnyx_Blue Member Posts: 1,060

    @The_Manlet@The_Manlet His portals are awesome. They have so much mindgame capability to them. A lot of people use his portals like quick map transportation, but I think the best way to use the majority of your traps are as arena control. And use a couple in the distance to keep map presence there as precaution. But you need to remember the survivor cannot see an inactive portal, so if you know someone is going for sneaky insta-rescues or to work on a gen just damaged; teleport to an inactive portal close by to the hook/gen area and bait the rescue/repair to give you free pressure. And also use traps to cut off routes that a survivor is taking mid-chase. Appear from an angle they don't expect.

    His Shred is a very effective mindgame too, if you use it at unpredictable angles of loops, leading the movement of the survivor and pouncing into their path. Also it can be used as a catch up mechanic if you have Mew's Guts, for example. Demogorgon can be a very scary multi-tasking killer if played well 😎

  • Onyx_BlueOnyx_Blue Member Posts: 1,060

    @themirrortwin Demogorgon is incredible 😎 so fun to play as and has a high-skill-cap to learn how to play him. He has unique mindgames in chase too 😉

    His perks are designed as combos and best utilized on other killers 😇 Surge + Surveilance on stealth killers is a great perk loadout.

    Cruel Limits on Plague, Huntress, Leatherface, Billy, Nurse & Spirit is devastating.

    Mindbreaker on Wraith, Clown, Legion is very useful to them. It also works great on Demogorgon too, it prevents Dead Hard and Sprint Burst coming off a gen countering your Shred.

  • PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 2,428

    Not sure where you were, but matchmaking was screwed up before rank reset or even the PTB.

  • FrostyFrosty Member Posts: 375

    Yes, it was bad, it's never been great, but now, at least for myself, it seems a whole lot worse.

    This chapter is cool, but a new map and 9 new perks only seems to add to the on going head ache which is balancing.

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