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New player need assistance please!!

JediClariseJediClarise Member Posts: 1

I just started playing. I’m rank 14 now only because my son plays on my file. I actually de-ranked him because I’m not so great. I am terrible at getting away from the killer. Any help or practice is appreciated as I love this game. People tell me to find someone to play with online. So I’m looking for friends as I don’t have any who play video games. I’m 37 if anyone cares. Tag name JediClarise. Xbox one.


  • MtneergirlMtneergirl Member Posts: 2

    Hello! I love making new friends! You're welcome to play with me. It definitely makes a difference being with people. I'm on Xbox as well and close to your age!

  • jollyfoaljollyfoal Member Posts: 13

    Youtube: tips and tricks survivor edition. Know how to loop and pallets.... Know when to drop pallets. Know when to loop on pallets or run away. Loik behind you while running. Gen rush. Lots of tips. Rank 10 survivor here. Rank 3 pc killer though. I dont do killer on console so.

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