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Rework/slight fix suggestions: Nurse,Billy, Hag, Spirit, Freddy

  1. It is nice to have some fast mobile killers who excel at map control however i am still confused their powers are as good at controlling a map as at killing survivors, which makes killers like trapper, leatherface and others considerably weaker. My suggestion is to either add a cooldown for Nurse,Billy, Spirit, Freddy to use their abilities (Freddy second ability) after succesfully hitting or hooking survivor. In each and every moba game if you add someone who is mobile and fast he must be squishy and vulnerable to crowd control. Well, there is no such thing in DBD so this kind of mobility makes them way too powerful compared to other killers.
  2. Hag needs some rework. The thing is it is quite hard for her to catch experience survivors but if she succeeds then it is almost impossible to safely save a survivor. She can set traps all over the hook. Excuse me, may i remind you that you removed this ability from Trapper for the reason that it was impossible to save! And yet, upon introducing Hag balancing team did not think that allowing Hag to set traps all over hooks leads to the same problem! Shame on you!
  3. Some addons that should be removed: 'Prayer Beads' some fixed: 'Ming rag'-too good to instantly teleport wherever you are considering you cant really remove her traps (no one uses flashlights or has time to look for a chest), 'Waterlogged Shoe'-been [BAD WORD] since the release, slow must be buffed. All spirit and nurse addons shall be nerfed and reworked.
  4. Currently there are two killers that seem to be in the most depressing state: Spirit and Legion. Spirit is absolutely [BAD WORD] killer, i dc 90% of the time because you did not think enough before releasing and buffing her. Ask other streamers who have 4k+ about how they feel about Spirit. For example, Jendenise just dcs or whines all game. Legion was nerfed too hard i believe. Can not suggest anything for him yet


  • Rin_is_my_waifuRin_is_my_waifu Member Posts: 953

    All I understand is nerf viable killers so I can have easy games bulling them. NO NO NO

  • albarty123albarty123 Member Posts: 8

    Overpowered does not mean viable.

  • DarkGGhostDarkGGhost Member Posts: 1,072

    HAG need at lot of skill to play you need to know the maps, the loops and have the survivors will act. When you are in the hook you can safe just press Ctrl if the hag is close then go for a gen. You play the game as survivors the week role .

  • MacmillanMacmillan Member Posts: 100

    The nurse doesn't need any nerf she looks great the way she is. the game will always have a stronger killer than the others and in this case is the nurse so don't ask to nerf the nurse because she is already the slowest killer in the game and also has no pink complement other than the other killers everyone has .


  • albarty123albarty123 Member Posts: 8

    Lol, Hag does not need any skills, you dont need to know the map at all. Just traps a couple of meters behind each pallet trap gens and windows. Wow, much skill. Also, i want to be able to save when hag is around. The same problem was with trapper, he sets the trap and patrols around.

  • albarty123albarty123 Member Posts: 8

    There are only three killers requiring skill in this game: Nurse, Huntress and Billy. Others require positive iq.

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 2,229

    Apart from her add-ons, Nurse is perfectly fine. She is needed at high ranks to deal with optimal Cheat with Friends groups.

  • albarty123albarty123 Member Posts: 8

    Slowest? No red addons? Excuse me, maybe three fast or long range blinks is enough to make her op? She is op, whether it is her addons or her kit, she must be fixed.

  • MacmillanMacmillan Member Posts: 100

    you don't play in rank 1 against professional swf to be telling me that, the truth is that you are just bad and can't run away from it. the game needs a balance on both sides and not favoritism only for survivors, if this is the case no one else will play killer, stop complaining!

  • albarty123albarty123 Member Posts: 8

    I am rank 1 and i played vs SWF. The discussion here is not about how mad you are at SWF. If you came here to whine about SWF and how they bully you, you should shut it.

  • MacmillanMacmillan Member Posts: 100

    I mean the nurse is one of the few killers who can play high ranks in a normal balance. She doesn't need any nerf, she looks pretty good the way she is, and there are few games she thinks she is a nurse because she's the hardest killer to learn to play after all.

  • albarty123albarty123 Member Posts: 8

    dont get me wrong, i like nurse, i like playing vs her and i like her kit. I just really dont like how [BAD WORD] her addons are! Overwhelming vs randoms and normal vs SWF seems logical. They better nerf SWF (disable ability for all survivors to take the same perks)

  • ChiTenshiChiTenshi Member Posts: 691
    edited September 2019
    1. Killers do need to be balanced between mobility, map control, and take-down capabilities. A killer shouldn't excel in 2 of the above as it limits the counter-play and sense of fair play.
    2. I would like to introduce you to the crouch command.
    3. There are some addons that need tweaking (Prayer Beads is BS), but I believe BHVR are looking into ways to change these so I would recommend waiting for now.
    4. Legion, yes. Spirit, no.
  • DarkGGhostDarkGGhost Member Posts: 1,072

    You have no idea how to play hag do you the's ok tho she not for everyone.

  • MarcurieMarcurie Member Posts: 74

    For the most part, they're all fine. Not saying some tweaks wouldn't work, but Nurse is really the only one who needs looking into...and that wouldn't need to be a rework. Leatherface and Pig, arguably Doctor, need legitimate reworks and/or revamps to make them current. Maybe Wraith.

    Quit trying to ruin what's actually viable in the game and make suggestions on issues that are more or less essential to the game...like bug fixing or issues w/ add-ons or loops.

  • AvocetAvocet Member Posts: 276


    I'm not familiar with all killers so I'll comment on what I know. There's a big difference between a Trapper trap and a Hag trap. A Trapper trap will catch you no matter what if you happen to trigger it and then you need to try to free yourself with a 25% chance of success or less. On the other hand a Hag can teleport to her trap only if she's within distance. Whether she gets to hit you or not depends on her skill and your skill. Setting a lot of traps all over the hook will only hurt the Hag as they can be triggered all at once but you need only one to teleport. Meanwhile she would be lacking traps in other parts of the map and would need to spend time resetting all wasted traps under the hook.

    I'm by no means a Hag expert but these are just a couple things you might want to consider. If you want to see how survivors can unhook their teammates against the Hag, try playing the Hag. As a matter of fact, give every killer on your list a try. It would give you a better perspective.

    I'm honestly entertained when people say a certain killer doesn't need any skills to play. Assuming you EVER played that killer, just because you didn't use any skill means no skillful play exists? And playing a killer without using skill (as you said yourself) just made you the authority about that. You just made my morning.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 1,055

    Hag just make it easy to keep survivor in the basement, or decide to make it impossible for a save with 5 traps around a hooked survivor. Other wise Hag requires map knowledge to play.

    Nurse requires zero IQ? Hmmm...

    Those killers like Trapper, Wraith, Huntress to base re-work to make them better. But those ultra rare add-on is so op. After playing both side, I have to agree those Ultra rare need to be removed.

  • albarty123albarty123 Member Posts: 8

    Probably you have not played versus really good spirits. I think she needs just a slight tweak to make her a bit more fair. I do not want killers to be weak neither do i want them to be overpowered. I want them to be cool and fun and interesting. Like i am really looking forward to ghost face buff, i hope they make him really strong and scary to face against. I just want to see other killers on first ranks except for Spirit, Nurse and Billy

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