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Most satisfying moment as a Killer?



  • FrenziedRoachFrenziedRoach Member Posts: 2,585

    Oh, I got another one.

    Was during one of the events and this survivor team had been particularly bad. Last guy tried to get me to let him farm one one of the Lunar generators. I refused and he decided to try and "punish" me by going into full stealth mode.

    This went on for about 20 minutes before I finally downed him. I then returned the favor by letting him bleed out.

    Waste my time? I'll waste yours and still kill you.

    I entertained myself playing "I Hate Everything About You" from 3 Days Grace while waiting for the twirp to bleed out.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 7,304

    when all 4 run in your traps next to the basement. (or 3 run in the traps while one is hoked)

  • Greater_CultistGreater_Cultist Member Posts: 81

    @Doccy said:
    Just had a game where I managed to grab the last Survivor as they tried to jump through the hatch. God, that feels absolutely amazing to do.

    That got me thinking, are there any other moments or aspects of playing Killer that you personally find really enjoyable? Like getting that clutch 4K, immediately catching someone who DS'd you or something along those lines?

    I figured it was time to start talking a little more about what keeps us coming back to playing Killer, what makes it fun for us.

    When a 4 man SWF rushed the basement while I was playing Hillbilly, and I downed all 4 of them. Deerstalker helped me find them and hook them all, since they all took DS and Bond over Unbreakable. Only one of them got to use DS in the end, and that was when all but one was dead. She hit it and with Enduring I swiftly caught her before she was able to get the unhook.

    It was a good, happy day when that happened, really cheered me up after a few prior matches which went poorly.

  • Suddenly_JoshSuddenly_Josh Member Posts: 11

    Cross map hatchet downs on Huntress

  • HunterLovesDBDHunterLovesDBD Member Posts: 16

    When I brutally murder and mori my brother.

  • TheScarletPotionTheScarletPotion Member Posts: 46

    I do this quite often but when I get someone in the basement as hag place a single trap in front of the survivor go about doing my business then end up getting a 4k because the other 3 survivors fell for the same trick teleport to them drag them off the survivor hook rinse repeat 4k in first 3 minutes

  • ZarStocherZarStocher Member Posts: 59

    When I was playing the Nurse with the new tinkerer and grabbing someone from the gen twice because I had no terror radius. :D

  • DeathSparkDeathSpark Member Posts: 41

    -Last night i played with the new trapper in the hag map, and i had placed a trap in front of the stares of the makeshift house(where is a gen upstairs and alot of windows).during the game i got someone in it and i chased him around the house until i hit him, as soon as i hooked him in the upstairs hook a survivor tryed to bodyblock me ,and as soon as the animation ended he started running to the stairs and back to the initial bear trap, wich activated again because of the iridescent stone.I havent felt so good in this game in months.

  • RattmanRattman Member Posts: 1,194
    edited July 2018

    This #########, probably

  • ArcaneMantisArcaneMantis Member Posts: 29

    For me.
    1. Hitting a long range hatchet
    2. Completely mind gaming someone into submission in a chase
    3. Basement parties on overly altruistic SWF

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